Passion is a gritty kind of love, tough and

optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Friday, August 04, 2006


I have said it before, I love my job. It has been an extremely busy week. I had a quote that would normally take 2-3 weeks due in 4 days.. ah yeah. No pressure. I had another quote due on Thursday, only to find out that most of the people who needed to do something for the quote didn't. Ah yeah, they got a verbal beating. I told them their behavior was completely unacceptable. I am sure they had some choice words, but the truth hurts sometimes.

Not only do I quote new business, I am also in charge of making sure that money is collected on changes. I track it, my matrix is 10 pages long, and the font is so small, even ants can't read it.

There are a lot of misc things I do too. I like my job, it's just been crazy, but I was really upset yesterday about the quote that didn't get done. It got done today, but that was because we have a super star on our team. And then today, we were about to kick off a change and no one on the team (oh except for me) knew that we got a quote for 4 cents cheaper. Oh yeah, 4 cents, that's no big deal I bet you are thinking... Well, we ship about 300,000 of those little things... it adds up to $12,000, over 4 years... yeah, that's a lot of cake.

I am a detail kind of girl. I am all about the details. My thoughts are simple, and sometimes I just don't get that "big picture" thing. I get it sometimes, but sometimes I just don't. Sometimes I feel like the questions I ask are so basic, and dumb, that if I ask them, I will look like an idiot, but honestly, I ask them anyway. There have been times where I say "sorry, I should have known you already thought of that" and there are times when I catch a $700,000 issue that no one else caught.

It is like that in everything I do. I do something like VBS or "Super Sunday" and got puts the entire picture, every detail in my head. I will tell you, I can see next year's VBS already in my head. I love that about me. Maybe that sounds dumb, I really do. I love that I take pride in every detail, whether it's work or VBS. Every smile is remembered, every word, every hug, and every feeling, every detail is like God permentantly stitched it in my head.

I remember the first time I met Sara, she had a blue/green bible. I remember her face, her expressions. I remember how she made me feel, like I was her friend and she had never met me before. Funny how God does that. I even remember where Becky was sitting when I first met her too (same place). I remember the day my daughter was born, I remember how in 6th grade I carried Krystal (my friend Erica's little sister) all the way to school because it rained and she was afraid of the worms. I can see Tonya's face when she says "Good morning" on our talks into work everyday. I remember when I first saw Tina sing. And so many more. Oh, and music, I can tell you how the praise songs I have heard have touched me the first time I loved them.

I think God is amazing. He keeps track of each of us, and I can only imagine the memories He has in each of us. The first time we called out to Him in prayer, the first time we praised Him. To think that He gave me just a portion of that gift. I am humbled and honored.

Psalm 104:1 Praise the LORD, O my soul. O LORD my God, you are very great; You are clothed with splendor and majesty.

P.S. this is not how I saw my blog going when I started it...

Hey, God... I'm down here. I got another favor. Yeah, I know, it's me again, good thing You love me, yeah, I'm blessed, beyond belief Lord. I got a few friends, Lord. They need some peace. Can you wrap them up tonight? Can You hold them so tight that all they feel is You? A couple of them have loved ones over in Thailand. We know those kids belong to You, but Lord, we love them, it's hard for us to let go. So send us some peace, somehow let us know that they are safe. And Lord, I have this friend, he's... I'm really not sure Lord, but You know. And You know what He needs. So Lord, if You want me to help, give me the words, but until then, I'll keep praying.
I love You. Thanks, again. In Jesus' Holy and precious Name. Amen.


Birmingham Girl said...

Being a detail girl myself, I can so appreciate where your coming from....maybe that's why I think your so great! You follow through in every detail of your life, right down to praying and providing info on the Thai team. You pick up the slack that other people don't care about. Your more then detailed, your detailed with a big heart. People like you are very rare and usually under appreciated and acknowledged. Just want you to know your VERY MUCH APPRECIATED and loved by me, and that's infinitesimal compared to how much God loves you!!

Sara said...

yeah, me too!