Passion is a gritty kind of love, tough and

optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Friday, May 25, 2018

The differences Part 2

Well... my house is still standing after yesterday’s post which is always a good sign.

My heart was stirring because i know people who live like they love Jesus and do as the Bible says.

The kind of people who cut your grass the day after you get the keys to your house because the city of Dearborn issued you a long grass citation.

Or the friends who believe that we should love everywhere we go, who as we get older knows everyday matters to the Kingdom.

To church planters who don’t want church as usual, and they are changing the way church is lived.

The T-shirt people who help people raise money

The friend i have that hates sex trafficking and spends hours collecting items that an organization needs and enlists her friends.

The people who know that no baby is a mistake and helps with all the resources for moms and adoptive parents.

The people who show up every month that cloth and feed the homeless.

The Pastors who are humble and loving 

The woman who wanted to send 100 dresses and has sent maybe millions around the world and built schools, fed so many....

The mommas and daddy’s raising their children to love fierce just like Jesus loves them.

The people who open affordable childcare/schools for families who need that resource.

The gmas and gpas who help raise families

The encouragers, the worship leaders who bring us closer to God.

The faithful who feed the elderly once a month for years

The ones who love teenagers and kids

The friends who are right there when something breaks. 

You see there are good and bad in any “religion” we cannot judge all the good by a few bad. 

We shouldn’t follow blindly because we go a church or someone claims to be a Christian, we should do our own research.

I still stand by what i say, i know plenty of Muslims who are kind, leaders, and will be great representatives of “we the People”. I still stand by the fact that as Christians we’ve got some work to do.

And i hope we can all do it together, humbly.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Do you see the differences?

I’m probably going to lose half my audience today but I’ve got something rambling around in my heart.

The other day i posted about a very well qualified candidate for Governor and someone made the comment about how he’s a Muslim and believes in the Quran and can’t uphold our constitution. 

I actually knew it was going to happen. 

The other day i posted about how people in the Middle East were bombed and it started a comment explosion.

I would like to tell you about a few observations I’ve made as a Christian living in the highest population of Muslims outside of the Middle East.

Y’all who don’t like them because of where they are from or what religion they are make me sad.

I have literally 1000s of friends in Facebook I’d say that at least 75% of them claim to be Christians. When i post a picture or something funny, y’all like and comment, when i post i need something, it’s like crickets.

When we moved I’d say 10 of my Christian friends showed up in some way or another, my Muslim friends? More than that. They offered meals, help, they showed up for me. 

I wonder how many people who speak against Islam have actually read their book? And how many christian people actually live out what the Bible says?

I’ve never read the Quran if I’m being honest, I’ve had discussions who my Muslim friends about what it says and i see the way they live their lives.

I also see the way people who say they love Jesus spout off on Facebook (I’m guilty as charged) about how they are intolerant of so much and yet do nothing about it. One person i know asked if they would be known as a Christian by their Facebook posts, if i would’ve answered honestly i would have said 15% of the time.

While my christian friends are posting about their food they eat my Muslim friends are standing outside grocery stores working to change things like Gerrymandering (which goes for a vote this year!) 

While our Christian governor continues to let the children of our state be poisoned by water my Muslim friends are working towards stopping nestle and working on Plans to stop the lead poisoning. 

I say all of this because if As Christians we are known by our fruit, we better stop complaining about the trees we need to plant and start planting them. 

We’ve got some work to do

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Never give up

Lately i have felt like I’m always behind! Haven’t had time to make dinner, I’m too tired to do almost anything. Even packing a lunch or making a smoothie for breakfast seems like a mountain i just can’t climb. I can’t tell you how many times i wanted to post in Fb “please someone make me dinner” but half the time i wasn’t Home Long enough to eat it. 

Last week phyllis i got a new plan because people we are wore out. 

I decided that i just can’t live this way.  So like a good football team, at half time i switched from on the defensive to the offensive. 

I made dinner today :) chicken with tomatoes, cauliflower gnocchi, and roasted veggies. I made 10 smoothie bags ready for the mornings. I put out my clothes for the whole week (yes like a little kid). 

It’s time. It’s time to take the time to take care of myself. I don’t want to gain weight, i want to be healthy. I don’t want to have to spend time looking for clothes in the morning if it means i can sleep a few minutes longer or get to work earlier so i can get off earlier or if I’m reading my bible or my book, i can do that instead of looking for something to wear. 

It might seem crazy or weird but i know for me, prep and planning is my key to success!

So here i go!

I’m a badass and bold, i just forgot for a minute or two ❤️

Thursday, May 17, 2018

What’s rambling around

I’d like to share my heart about something

I hate politics.

I dont share posts about bombings because i want to get political or have people make comments about how one group wants to murder others.

I share them because they outrage me and make me sad. 

I spend nights praying for those in that area that they will be safe and free from harm. 

Do you know that some people don’t even know that’s going on? 

I’m trying to do research about how to go to the Middle East and love on refugees.

I’ll never forget listening to someone’s story and my Pastor said (I’m paraphrasing) that we should see ourselves in everyone’s story. 

That really resonated with me. The truth is i try to see hope in every person, i learn more about others, i learn more about myself, i learn more about love. 

When i see stories about bombings and attacks, i think of how i would feel if it was someone i loved. What if i got word that someone i loved was in a hospital or worse? What if someone i know was part of that bombing? What if i was?

It saddens me that people have to go through that or that is just part of their everyday. It makes me sad that in flint they still don’t have drinkable water. Don’t even get me started on education.... 

Personally, i think about what Jesus said. Love God, Love others.  I’m certainly not perfect at it but i do strive for that everyday. 

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Being a momma

I got a million feelings about Mother’s Day!

It’s not always the greatest day!

A day that points out something that is missing  ( my momma)  is hard but i try not to let it over shadow the fact she God gave me the greatest gift, my own daughter!

I was hugging some of my kids from youth group, and as i hugged them i said “makes a mommas heart happy “

I’d like to just say that if I’ve gotten to serve your family by loving your kids as part of church or my daughter or you’re my friend, I’d like to just tell you thanks! It is truly an honor, one that there are no words to say all my heart wants to say. 

If you are one of my kids I love, please know that i have always loved you, i loveyou now, and i will always loveyou, everyday no matter what and i also know that at one point or another i know you’ve not liked me so much (it’s a momma badge of honor). I know i probably didnt loveyou perfectly, I’ve prayed for you like a momma (that might be why you’re still aliveπŸ˜‚❤️), I’ve always loved you! You’ve made my life grander than I’ve ever deserved! 

Being a momma is the hardest bestest job I’ve ever had!

Friday, May 11, 2018

I’m the one...

I had on my calendar to go to a worship night at Woodside Detroit east. As the day grew closer i started to think of reasons (mostly i was tired) why I’d just stay home.

But then God gave me an assignment and the only way it could be fulfilled was to go. 

Dang it.

I let people down ALL.THE.TIME. But when an assignment from God comes, well i gotta do it.

Then i figures i could just quick fulfill the assignment and escape. No one will notice.


After the second song.

I can’t seem to let my heart open. 

But if i do I’ll cry.

I’ll just sing. It’ll be fine.

Then someone comes up to me, hugs me.

Poop πŸ’© 

And then it happens. 

I start crying. 

And i can’t stop. 

But then it happened.

My heart was wide open.

His love was POURING into me.

You see, God not only loves me, HE KNOWS ME! 

He knows that i will hold my broken heart so tight that He can’t get through. I hold on too tight, but He also knows, that if He asks me to do something i will. I only go on Facebook a couple times a day (used to be 100s of times) and this one time i went on was when i saw the assignment.

Call it a coincidence. I call it a divine appointment :)

It says in bible that God will leave the 99 to go get the one. He didn’t even let me walk away, He came to get me before i got too far ❤️

I’m thankful 

Listen to that song 

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Learning self care

Admittedly I really struggle with self care.  I think that YOU should do it but for myself I really have to fight for it.  I mean sometimes it seems like it's more work than just not doing it. 

This is how my brain works... 

I am already busy, I barely have times to get the things I need to get done, done AND now you want me to stop what I am doing and doing something for MYSELF when I've got all this stuff going on.  ARE YOU CRAZY?!?  that's just more to do. 

Now if you told me you were practicing self care I’d say good for you! But for me... not so much.

Last week i decided to go to Trader Joe’s and get myself some flowers and get some groceries

I know grocery shopping doesnt seem like self care but i love grocery shopping and i love flowers and my friend went with me so it seemed fun!  

I’ve been taking time to bring some rest and joy to my days!

I even went to the movies last weekend, saw Infinity Wars. I won’t tell you that i might have fallen asleep while they were trying to remove the stone from Visions Head. 

I’ve been missing Haiti so much that i made rice and beans and chicken and sauce on Monday. It wasn’t an emotional eating day just made some of my favorite things and had leftovers and thought of a million memories of people i love!

I’ve been puddle jumping and slide sliding to bring joy to my days.

I won’t lie, This season Is hard and i don’t know when it’s going to get easier, but I’m trusting God to get me through it. That saying “don’t tell God how big your problem is, tell your Problem how big your God is”.... I’m there.

I’m looking up instead of hanging my head in desperation and defeat.  I still have moments of crying (you know me) but i feel through the emotions and then i move on to what’s next.

I’ve been wanting to go to Philly for a few years, since i saw Creed πŸ˜‚. So i booked a ticket, got a ticket for so cheap (want to come with me?πŸ˜‚) it’s a quick weekend away for a break and I’m hoping i can go and the crazy subsides just for two days. My heart needs to travel. I need some quiet and some fun. I need to explore new places and just relax. I need to take care of my heart (and not worry if anyone thinks I’m a jerk for taking a break for a minute).

I need to be filled so i can help others. It’s a weird thing about me, even though I’m an extrovert, i am recharged by spending time by myself. It’s a weird introverted tendency i have. But it’s not weird, its how God wired me. I love people but i love being alone. Only child, single mom, it’s my life. It’s how i recharge to take care of all that i am entrusted with.

Everyday we learn new things, I’m learning to take care of myself and not feel selfish about it.