Passion is a gritty kind of love, tough and

optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Prayer Changes Things

A lot of people have events in their lives that they ask me to pray for them. I look at it as a huge responsibility and a HUGER honor. The problem.... I'm always afraid I will forget. I have a long list of prayer that already goes up. So my solution, I set an alarm, if I am at work, it's on my calendar, if I won't be at work, I set my phone. If they ask for prayer, even if it's for tomorrow, I pray today, and then set my alarm, just in case.

I've prayed for all things, great and small. Parking spots, life and death, strength to get through a project at school, and Phyllis. I have two instances that stick out in my mind.

One day I think I had just had it with Phyllis's arthritis, and I had prayed a million times to take her pain from her and give it to me. This time, I think I was just angry, "this is it God, give it to me, give me all You got, but no more on Phyllis". I was mad, I was tired of seeing my baby sick, and you know, I don't think I really understood at that moment, how much He could have crippled me, what the heck was I thinking... but He took it from her. I was desperate, and He knew it. And now, she's in remission. How about that? It's my favorite miracle, and I've seen a lot of them.

then a couple years ago, I was very stressed out about my job, my engineers did a late change, and changed some parts (don't ask me what they were, I'm not an engineer) and no one could find enough of these parts anywhere in the US to make the boards I needed, because we had to start testing, and they didn't think they could get them here quick enough overseas, and they had already checked. There were 8 different components I think at the time. I took it to prayer meeting, and looking back it seems kind of silly, we pray for health, and sanity, and here I was, praying for car parts. Do you know, those parts showed up in the oddest of places, someone's back room, Spain (they even got to us in time), and 6 different odd places. I was so relieved and somehow I got the credit (and all I did was tell people there was no option in getting the parts or not). I said it was all God, I prayed, and they came. Tell Him thank you, not me.

I know those are just a few stories of things that have happened to me. I have a million more, and I am sure you do to. God is listening, go tell Him what you need, He already knows, but He wants to hear from you.


Mrs. Mac said...

Wow, I didn't realize Phylis had arthritis ... how old is she? Glad to hear that she's in remission ... Big Praise to GOD!

Margie said...

Phyllis is 13, she's been in remission about 3 years...