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optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Friday, November 17, 2006


I was driving down Goddard near Mortenview, there was a new Subdivision going up, and then down the road, Condos for sale…

Don’t we have enough housing? For crying out loud, there are a ton of homes for sale and people are LEAVING Michigan. Homes in foreclosure, people desperate to move out of their houses, and we’re building more.

How about we use what we have?

I am guilty of going to the grocery store and buying more, even when I have plenty in the fridge, cupboard, and freezer to make dinner. I am trying to get better and make what I have. Maybe it’s a small lesson that needs to be learned on a bigger scale.

I love my 1250 sq foot house. It’s a little packed at holidays or gatherings, but it forces people to actually interact with others. So what if we have sit on the floor or on a folding chair. And at my dining room table, there are 3 different kind of chairs for 10 people. So what. I wanted to fill my house with memories, and I do. I don’t have 10 people in 3 different rooms, I have people over who enjoy each other’s company, who laugh and cry, and pray together. I wonder, are big houses and time apart the demise of the American family? Or at very least, a small step in the demise.

I like what I have, and I am thankful to God everyday for it.

1 Tim 6:6 godliness with contentment is great gain.


Mrs. Mac said...

I think there's some type of population explosion or something. But everywhere in this country there's building, building, and more building. Homes on postage stamp size lots, With the slow-down in the resale housing market ... how on earth are these new homes going to be filled if people can't sell the one's their in? I'm happy you're happy with what you've been blessed with.

dawnaj1958 said...

I'm with you...I drive down the street and see empty houses begging for inhabitants and wonder why someone doesn't buy them and remodel "to suit". Instead $200,000 and climbing. But, on the other hand, I have a closet (actually make that three closets) full of clothes and I still buy more. Human nature isn't always pretty....

Birmingham Girl said...

I don't understand why, but you always post on the very subject that I'm working on for my next post. We are on the same page with this...we are a wastefull - over indulgent society. We all want more and more, but we have to be careful we don't let it rule us.

Sara said...

you took the words right outa my mouth sister.

John Cowart said...

Here in Jacksonville, Florida, the building boom continues even though all over the city existing places are boarded up.
Makes no sense.
Oh well, the wise man builds his house upon the rock; the foolish man builds in Florida.

Becky said...

i've asked myself and others who buys these new homes? go figure-maybe they should try building these in new orleans where where are still no housing?