Passion is a gritty kind of love, tough and

optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Weightloss Journey

Getting back to it… I really need to lose weight. I will look better, feel better, be more healthy, I know all this. But when there is a piece of Strawberry Pretzel Jello (mmmmm…) in the fridge, I sabatoge myself. And then I am like “well, I already blew it, so I might as well eat ______”.

Today is a new day, a day that gets started with some multigrain flaxseed oatmeal thingy with some bananas in it. To be honest, I would rather have biscuits and gravy or eggs and toast or just about anything else. But this will fill my tummy and it’s good for me, and on the core plan, no points. But it’s hard to choke down. I don’t like oatmeal or any other derivative of it. But I don’t like being fat more.

Sometimes I eat because I am sad, I celebrate everything with food in someway, and sometimes I eat because I am bored and there’s nothing else to do. This is something I must put at the alter for help, there is no way I can do this alone.

I will succeed in 2007 on my quest for being less. I will. I will be successful of getting it off and keeping it off!!


Jada's Gigi said...

I found that having a 2nd job really gets the weight off

KayMac said...

the cartoons made me laugh. we have been eating healthy at my house...only off a bit for the holidays...and we are all feeling better. someday, when we meet...I will tell you in person what God said to ME about all this.

Mrs. Mac said...

Such a journey. How is it "we" can get so off track? Praying your success is long lived :) (I'm with you on losing the pounds)
Mrs. Mac

Pat said...

Loved the cartoons!
It's a new year and new beginning...success to us all!!

Becky said...

hey! oh happy day! i have a list of free foods for you!!!!
(cut and paste)
this is what i get for my 300lb diabetic. he likes to eat so i buy what he can....
best wishes...

Pat said...

I never thought of using a towl bar like that...good idea!

Pat said...

I never thought of using a towel bar like that...good idea!

Deb said...

LOL - we have so much more in common than you know! This morning, I began the day with some kind of oatmeal banana soy protein concoction.

It's 11:43 pm and I've just consumed a chocolate cupcake (somebody has to eat them --they have frosting --if I leave them for Olivia, they'll become upholstery), a piece of leftover fried chicken from yesterday's dinner and a mini bag of microwave popcorn.

Considering that I'm not at all tired and have just put a movie in the DVD player, I suspect that I'm not done eating for the night.... still praying for me? I'm still praying for you!


I lost 130 pounds --it can be done. my opinion, ONLY with God's help! Together, you can do this!!

Sara said...

my giant butt's right there with you sister!

fatty said...

ha. good idea