Passion is a gritty kind of love, tough and

optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

I have this friend...

No this won't be some crazy story about me who I try to pass off as one of my friends. I really do have this friend. She's pretty cool.

About 4 months ago my friend Christie blew me off after I took her to the airport and kept her car at my house. I seriously don't know what I did, but whatever it was... oh well. I miss her a lot. And I know that people come in our lives for a reason, a moment, a season, or a lifetime. I thought our friendship would be more of a lifetime thing, I even wore the freaking ugliest swimming pool dress for her wedding. If that's not friendship, I don't know what is.

N-E-WAY--- I have this friend, the one I am about to tell you about, her name is Katie. She's Adam's wife. In case you ever have her over, she likes Strawberry Shortcake but will eat anything you give her. She's just nice like that.

I can't tell you all the things I like about Katie because there's just too many and you might be jealous of her (I am!), let's just say she's one of those kind of people who you think she can't possibly be that great, but she really is. Really.

She was concerned about me. I kept saying yes, when I should have said no to somethings. She let me read this book, "what matters most" and it's about lasting in Youth Ministry, but really it's just about lasting in general. There's a part in the book of an example where Doug Fields goes off on someone, in a nice way, saying that he wouldn't have lasted in Youth Ministry if guilt worked on him or that he said yes to everything. People have told me a million times that I should say no to more things, but I just always had a hard time with that. Until now. I'm learning, I'm taking more time for myself, more time for my family, and I'm saying no without guilt.

I can't say thank you to Katie enough. For being my friend, and for caring about me. I think she's the greatest, and I love her.
10 Great things about Katie
1. She has a great smile
2. She sings GREAT
3. She plays the guitar, great
4. She makes good chicken shish-kabobs, corn, & potatoes
5. She loves Jesus
6. She's a good listener
7. She's great to her hubby and supportive too
8. She loves her friends
9. She can rip up carpet & lay a floor
10. She has a cute voice and a great laugh
11. She has great hair

Proverbs 22:11 God loves the pure-hearted and well-spoken; good leaders also delight in their friendship


Sara said...

i agree, katie is too fabulous. why she hangs with the likes of us i'll never and that hair? to die for.

Katie said...

Margie- by far the sweetest thing a friend has ever written about me. Thanks for being wonderfully and truly Jesus in so many different ways. I do love you.

Becky said...

she can sing! also the hair!