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optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Monday, July 02, 2007

Easy days... yeah right...

"stop looking forward to easy days" - CM

Proverbs 13:11 Easy come, easy go, but steady diligence pays off.
We were in a sales meeting on Friday and the Vice President of our division said that in a meeting. It is so true. We work hard, at least I do. And he basically said that when you're in the trenches, and you get through it, there's usually another trench that needs digging.

You know like the times in your life when you think "if I just get through this, it will be much easier". I'll give you a quick example of potty training, we, as parents, think that if we can just get our kids potty trained, then it will be so much easier. Then you spend the next 1-2 years "checking out" every bathroom known to man (or woman!) because your child has to ALWAYS go to the bathroom!! Then it's off to Kindegarten, then grade school, and with each truimph comes a little turbulance.

Easy days never come. Jesus carries us through a lot of them, and each trench we dig out of has a lesson to help us with the next one.

I was talking to Phyllis about finances and the economy and our plan to save $X for the next 5 years for our next step. And I said it will take at least that long for this economy to turn around. She said, you mean it can get worse, "oh yes, huney, and putting away our money is the best way to prepare for it, just in case".

Most of you know my philosophy on me & Phyl, I'm her mom, but we're a team. Every team must have a leader. This leader has shown her what it's like to live paycheck to paycheck, not a very good lesson, I might add, BUT soon, I will be showing her what it looks like when you save and how money may not buy you happiness but it sure does help with the worries of paying for necessities.

I don't know if my plan will look like I expect in 5-6 years, I know this, I will if it's God's plan. I may end up in 5 years with a big fat nest egg. Not really sure. But it begins with a small step in the right direction, and it also means that I will stop looking forward to easy days.

Proverbs 6:6 You lazy fool, look at an ant. Watch it closely; let it teach you a thing or two. Nobody has to tell it what to do. All summer it stores up food; at harvest it stockpiles provisions. So how long are you going to laze around doing nothing? How long before you get out of bed? A nap here, a nap there, a day off here, a day off there, sit back, take it easy—do you know what comes next? Just this: You can look forward to a dirt-poor life, poverty your permanent houseguest!

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Pat said...

This is one of your best blogs yet! Great wisdom and insight - life can seem like a series of looking for the easy days - then before you know it, your looking back on what really were the easy days!
Plan for tomorrow and enjoy today!!