Passion is a gritty kind of love, tough and

optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

I'll be back...

Going on a Mission Trip to Pontiac... lol... yeah... I know (for those of you not in Michigan Pontiac is only an hour away!!)

No need to look to far to help those in need!

Pray for us! I've got a lot on my heart, hoping to get some answers while I am gone!

Love you!!



Sara said...

praying baby cakes!

Pat said...

We should have had a spaghetti dinner fund raiser for your trip ~ with the cost of gas being so high, you might need it!
Praying you find those answers you are seeking.

Becky said...