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optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Friday, August 31, 2007

Dukes Of Hazzard to Salt Mines

Thinking about when I was kid has really just put a smile on my face. I will be the first to tell you that I have always been a worrier, over a million things but I had a great childhood.

I probably had the worst looking knees in the state, I was constantly falling down, scrapping my knees. I ran my around my neighborhood all the time. It was the kind of neighborhood where everyone knew each other. My babysitters lived within houses and sometimes blocks of me. I rememeber when Patty Waller moved in down the street. She had a daughter who was retarded (we used that word back then) and she was in the same place as my aunt. Patty had this green frog toy, you pushed this thing, and it jumped. I loved that frog. I loved Patty.

When I started Kindergarten I met Derek Zion, we both loved to play Dukes of Hazzard, and even back then, I played with mostly boys (except at home, at home, I played with Barbies) so I always got to be Daisy Duke, I even like climbing through the windows of my dad's Tornado. It was a cool, black car but you couldn't drive all the time with the windows up because it had bad exhaust and you'd get sick. Derek had all the Star Wars figurines and so we played that all the time. All the girls were jealous of me because I spent a lot of time playing with Derek. He ate his chicken noodle soup with ketchup (gross!).

In first grade I started to have a hard time in school, I was smart but I really began missing my mom. I cried a lot, later my dad told me that Ms. Krafchack (who we called Ms. KrackerJack) hated me. She thought I caused trouble because I cried a lot. I got to know Mr. Fraser pretty well because he was the principal. I think he liked me though because he always gave me fun jobs to do. That's when I met Ms. Mclaughlin, she was the school psychologist, she took me to see Annie in 2nd grade at the Fisher Theatre. To this day, I love that movie.

Things progressed as they always do, and in 4th grade, I got Mrs. Hess (her and Mrs. Nebel split the 4th grade, Mrs. Hess taught everyone English (now called language arts, Mrs. Nebel taught everyone math). She was great. We had this program TOP (Talk on Paper) where we got to write our own stories, do our own illustrations, and she made it into a book, we even got to pick our own fabric for the book cover. 7 kids were chosen for a Saturday field trip. To the Salt Mine. It was the greatest thing EVER! Everyone got to pick a piece of salt to carry home, everyone picked a small piece, but me. I picked a HUGE piece and Mr. Nebel (who got to go too!) carried it for me, he acted like it weighed 1000 pounds but it really wasn't that heavy.

In 5th grade I got chosen to be "the city beautification" chairperson for my school. It was pretty cool thing, I got to lead a parade with Nick Banks in 5th grade and in 6th grade we planted trees and learned about why we shouldn't litter. It was really cool. Mr. Witherspoon (Mr. Withergoon) was our teacher-sponsor, but I told you Mr. Fraser liked me because I think he picked me :) I was also student of the month in 5th grade (I was picked from the WHOLE school). I wore my yellow McDonald is No.1 shirt for the picture.

I had a great time in Elementry school. I have so many more memories. Thanks again Sara for stirring them all up.


Sara said...

i love to hear you talk on paper! now we need some grade school margie pics to go with!

Mrs. Mac said...

sara's good at stirring things up, eh? So where are the pics?