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optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Friday, September 14, 2007

my cup and my mouth runneth over

You can go see Sara's post about talking... This one more time proves we are sisters... If you want a nice post, go see her, or look below... but I gotta rant...

I don't think I have said a bad word about President Bush, I very rarely say anything bad about him, i might not like what he does but I don't want to be the president of the United States... Here's my thing, I would like to be governor, and to be quite honest, I think I could do a better job than our current governor. I just read an article that says we will be $2 BILLION in the whole by March based on our current budget. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! what are we spending our money on? Does that scare you????

We don't spend it on our kids, except for the teacher's unions and big fat pensions.... and no accountability for them. Have you seen the list of school supplies parents are expected to purchase. Teacher's need to take a pay cut like everyone else...

We don't spend it on Foster Care for those less fortunate kids out there with no parents, I heard that a Foster Child is 5 times more likely to be killed by a Foster parent than if the state just left them in their home by the parents. I don't know if it's true... but yikes... even if it's only 2 times.

We don't take care of the mentally ill, quite a few years back, that was a big budget cut. Ask Sara, they all visit her.

We certainly don't take care of our roads... I saw a pothole so big one time my car almost got swallowed by it, and that is a TRUE story.

We don't spend it on keeping jobs in Michigan. Hello, if no one buys anything, there's no sales tax...

Now, let me say this... I am no politician. I will say what I think, and do what I say. I've eaten Macaroni and Cheese & corn for A WEEK, gone to bed hungry so my daughter would have. That's just the way it goes sometimes. I believe in Jesus, but I believe that if someone wants to worship some other God, that's your choice, I can't guarentee where you'll end up, but have at it. I don't beleive abortion should be illegal (yeah, I know, it's not a popular belief among Christians but you can email me and I will give you the reason), and I think that we should take care of our own before we go out and help someone else.

I am saying, get someone in their who knows how much things cost, and if it's necessary to watch how much we spend on TVs, hammers, water, pop, and any other necessity the state has out there, hire a couple mom's who can tell you how much Peanut Butter is at any store, how much Toilet Paper is, who know the value in their family working, and get it done.

I will tell you, put me in charge of that budget, and I guarentee at my current salary, I will save 10 times, maybe 100 times my salary in budget cuts. Or I'll eat a worm!


KayMac said...

I would vote for you...and Tina Fab is the best campaign manager on earth!!

Pat said...

Margie for Gov!
I agree with most everything you write except for teachers taking a cut in pay - they deserve more but the school board and superintendents need to take cuts...and less meetings in places like the Bahamas. Second is the abortion issue.
The cuts need to start at the top of the political food chain...not the working class.

Jada's Gigi said...

ROFLOL!!! You are a hoot!
I think you'd make a great Gov! :)and i'm So glad you have found that Church is your home...

Deb said...

If you run for office, I'll be your campaign manager.

I second what Pat Dad was an elementary school teacher and he was way underpaid --considering all the extra time he put in outside the classroom. He was a great teacher though. At his funeral, students he taught 20 years prior came to pay their respects. ...much loved by all. Anyway...I've always said that if more teachers were like my Dad, the school systems would be a whole lot better off.

And that abortion've got me curious. I can't agree that it should be legal...just my opinion.


Trish said...

Teachers certainly deserve more pay
than Actors, Sports People, Singers!
Teachers are shaping our children
and hold a big responsibility!!
Abortion Is MURDER!!

Dear Girl, I know you could whip this State into shape!!!

Tonya said...

I would vote for you! You are the budget queen!