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optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pastor Appreciation Month

It’s Pastor Appreciation Month.

How can you somehow put into words how much we appreciate our Pastors?

I’ve been lucky that I’ve been in the presence of some pretty great Pastors. At my first church I had two Pastors, Pastor Jim (the Head Pastor) and Pastor Julie (the Youth Pastor). How blessed was I to learn so many lessons from them. From the pulpit and in life. Spent many times talking on the phone and in Panera Bread over soup learning how to live out my faith in real ways. I know many people “leave” churches because they are unhappy with the Pastors. My advice, listen to what God is saying and take your personal opinions out of it. I left my church after being called to Metro.

After going to Metro, I met their pastors, Jeremy (Lead), Mike (Associate), & Adam (Youth). All very different in personality, but all called and open to the voice of God.

Jeremy is this high strung, God loving, loud, and can sometimes cry on stage Pastor. And I love him. He will be honest and open with you but will only tell you so many times and expects you to be accountable for your own actions. I like that about him. He’s not afraid to just tell you “this is the way we’re going to do it”. He thinks big and his vision comes from God, and its amazing to watch. Like me, he’s got that “go big or go home” kind of attitude. He’s great. He speaks loudly the Word of God, so in case you are hard of hearing (or listening) you won’t miss it. He will yell and cry on stage in order for you to hear what you need to hear. He spends all hours of the night on emails. He is amazing. I’m a better person in my walk because of him.

Then there’s Mike. Mike is very intelligent, and super sarcastic. I actually thought he didn’t like me. Truth be told, he didn’t know me. But in all that intelligence, I remembered he posted about TULIP (not the flower) and I didn’t understand it. Once I really became interested in it, he was the first person I emailed about it. I had a lot of questions, and one at a time he answered them all. And I am sure there were times he rolled his eyes and thought, “whew, she’s a knucklehead” but never once did he make me feel stupid (I did that all on my own). If I have a question I email him, and he answers me in a dumb-it-down sort of way so I can understand it.

And lastly at Metro, let me tell you about Adam. Of all the Pastors I’ve worked with, I think Adam is my favorite, and part of that is the extra gift he has of Katie. Adam has this way about him. The love of Christ oozes from his pores. All the things that drive me crazy, Adam loves. Lock-ins being at the top of the list, but I’ll be there, making food and copies of registration forms for him every minute. Adam loves the kids. All of them. Even when they not only act like knuckleheads, but when they are knuckleheads. He finds away to lead them so that they don’t even know they are being lead. It even makes me laugh when he checks up on me “Margie, are we going to have extra forms for the Lock in to be filled out at the door?” My answer “what do you think Adam?” and he chuckles and probably thinks “how did I get stuck with her?” but he has to remember that he asked me J Adam is all about quality for the kids. I’ve never heard him say “oh they won’t know or they don’t know any better”. I can only tell you that being around Adam makes you want to be better, he makes you want to do a good job and do a better job next time. Reach more kids in every hug, and love them more tomorrow than you did yesterday and today.

There is one more Pastor in my life. He’s not really my Pastor because I don’t officially belong to his church, but I’m there enough that he says hello when he sees me (I think he knows who I am). His name is Pastor Clark, he is the Pastor at Grace Gospel Fellowship that is the sister of Grace Centers of Hope. He’s a firey guy. Makes me laugh out loud in church and shout an AMEN! He speaks of grace and love of Jesus in mighty ways and usually screams from the pulpit, and screams from the floor. I’ve never been to church down south, but he’s exactly what I would have pictured. He’ll call your addictions out whether it’s to crack or the refridgerator. He’s encouraging and he’ll check you all in the same breath. And he’s got a smile that could melt the heart of satan.

All of these guys (and Julie) have one thing in common. Jesus. They all speak His truths and never waiver. Got your own interruptation, they’ll tell you, you’re wrong, all in a different way, but loving all the same.

I’m thankful for the part that each one has played in my walk. I’m thankful for the truths that they speak and the lessons they’ve taught me.

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