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optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Friday, November 02, 2007

My mom

I asked my family to write something about my mom for my Breast Cancer Scrapbook.

I don't have anything to write about and I feel like I'm cheating and I am still going to cheat, but I am going to post what my cousin Kathy wrote about my mom. She can kill me later.

I love you, mom, and I love you Kathy. Thank you for sharing your memories with me.

My first recollection of Phyllis was when I was just a wee wee babe. I would not eat my dinner unless I was eating it off of Ya Ya's plate. (Sorry, I could not say Phyllis). Mom would fix dinner, save a plate for Phyllis, and everyone would eat except me, and when Phyllis would get off the bus from work and come in the house, then I would eat with her. Then it was, "Walk me Ya Ya, Ya Ya walk me now."

Another memory I have is a warm summer day when we lived in Riverview. Mom and Day were gone somewhere and Phyllis was watching us and just as Mom and Dad were coming up the driveway, Rob was climbing out the kitchen window. I think Phyllis got into more trouble for that than Rob did.

I remember the day Phyllis told me she was going to die. I spent my weekends with her and Margie. Phyllis was so sick that she could not take care of Margie by herself, so that is where I fit in. Margie was down for her afternoon nap and Bob was at work. Phyllis and I were watching TV. She asked me how much my mom and dad had told me about her cancer. She explained to me about her cancer and then told me that she was going to die. She asked me not to cry for her, that she was happy to be able to give Margie life. A little hard for a 14 year old to do or understand at the time.

How do you not cry when someone you love is not going to be there for you anymore. She was always such a large part of our life growing up. She was always there. Like a big sister!!!!!! She was our big sister. She babysat for us, she took us to movies, she took us on the bus downtown to see the Christmas trees at Hudson's, she took us to lunch, and she was always there on Christmas morning. She took care of us. All four of us kids, Karen, Ed, Me and Rob.

I remember the day your Mom and Dad got married, and I remember the day we were told Phyllis was pregnant with Dee Ann, and I remember the day Dee Ann died, and I remember the day we found out you, Mugs, were coming, and how happy that made your mom, I remember the day we found out your mom had cancer, and I remember the day she died. And it still hurts but what I want you to remember is that your Mom loved you and always will.

My heart ached for the little girl that missed her mom so much. We all tried so hard to give you what you wanted and needed, but no one can take the place of your mom.



And if you know Pat, and you know her mom, write something to her, an encouraging story to make her smile.


KayMac said...

What a precious glimpse your cousin has given us of your mom. Thanks for sharing your mom with all of us!

Trish said...

Have a fun weekend, lovely memories.
Your dedication to your Mom's memory shows in all you do!

Pat said...

I loved this little picture of your Mom - I can see you all over it. What a treasure!
Thank you for all your encouraging words and prayers - I love you!

MSU gal said...

you must be a lot like her because i get that feeling of genuine love for friends and family when i see you!

Mrs. Mac said...

Thanks for sharing your cousin's memories of your sweet and caring mother! She IS very proud of you!

Arlene - BY HIS STRIPES!!! said...

Precious they linger! What a wonderful testimony your cousin gave of your Mom. God is good all of the time and ALL of the time God is good!