Passion is a gritty kind of love, tough and

optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

First Christmas

Me & Sara have something in common. We actually have quite a few things in common, but one being that we both lost our gramma's this year, me in April, her November. Our gram's actual birthday's were only days apart. May not seem like much to you, but it makes me wonder about a lot of crazy stuff.

Reading Sara's blog I've been reminising about my own gram. As I've said before, I am the oldest of 4 grandchildren, there is one great-grand, and she is mine. I'm the oldest by 19 years, then all the little rug-rats came in, and it was such a blessing, I always felt like more of an aunt than a cousin.

My gram got a little (ok, a lot) loopy in her old age. She wasn't even very nice, but before she died, God really did a work on my heart so that I could see how much she loved me. All the wonderful traditions she instilled in us, and how much she loved each one of us.

I can remember we would literally squeeze around the table at Gram's house, only to hear my grandpa yell because my gram clogged up the disposal with potato peels again, I swear she did it on purpose to keep up the tradition, it was kind of funny "marge!". I'm smiling just thinking about it, and I put my potato peels down the disposal... but ssshhh don't tell my dad... lol...

Phyllis asked me last night, "why do we have stupid roast beef for Christmas instead of awesome ham?" It's a tradition. Insert eye-roll here. Now, most people would love prime rib for Christmas dinner, me and my lovely daughter would rather have ham. We would. But we have roast beef (aka the "Christmas Goose") on holidays and french onion soup, a tradition my dad began when he started having Christmas dinner. Back in the day, Gram & Gramps weren't "rolling in it" so it was a big deal to have roast beef. We still do.

There are some traditions that will not go on, like mixed vegetables. We protested Thanksgiving 2006, NO MORE MIXED VEGGIES with holiday dinners, and so that one is gone (shew!).

I'm so thankful for all the memories I have been lucky enough to have had with my gram, I got to be her favorite for 34 years (if you are the oldest, you are always the favorite, that's just the way it goes, not saying if you are not first, you're not loved, but firsts are always the favorites).

I've almost bought her presents this year. She loved Russell Stovers Candy, I gave her a box every holiday.

I'm gonna miss her.


Sara said...

my gramma loved chocolates too. in the last few years, it was the only thing anyone could think of to get her so we all rushed to buy a box. the first one to claim it always breathed a sigh of relief! c.s. lewis said the joy of being loved was part of the pain of loss, and it was worth it (loosely translated.) i agree with him.

Trish said...

I was the firstborn child, grandchild and niece or nephew on my Daddy's side.... I was really loved!!
sara... c.s. lewis is surely right!