Passion is a gritty kind of love, tough and

optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Friday, December 07, 2007

Movie Star Treatment

I went to my very favorite resturaunt last night. It's the place we go for every celebration, every birthday is celebrated there, even one time I celebrated putting in my own bathroom sink, and that's where Phyllis and I went to celebrate. Last night was just a celebration of how much God loves me. Roma Cafe in Eastern Market, not to be confused with that gross Roma's** in Southgate that puts sugar in their pizza sauce. Roma Cafe is the oldest Italian Resturaunt in the Downriver area. The waiters all wear tuxedos, and so do the bus guys. Yes, that's right, only men wait on you.

Gary is the usual valet, a smooch always from Gary. He's wonderful! He always parks my car right in front so I never have to wait when its too hot or too cold. He's awesome.

Michelle and Dan are the hosts, they are fabulous! Always happy to see you.

My waiter (pictured), yes, that's right, I have my own waiter, I share him with other tables, but even the other waiters know that I love to sit with Sammy (sometimes I have to sit with someone else). He makes the best salad, when you ask for something not on the menu he simply says "easy to fix". He's amazing.

Last night, I decided to chill out, have some quiet time and a date night with God, see post below.

I pulled into Roma's, cars everywhere. I had no reservation, but those with star qualities (HA!) rarely need to have reservations. The lady at the coat check just looks at me with one of those "I got no where for you" looks and says "ask Dan". Who says "MARGIE, I GOT THE PERFECT TABLE FOR YOU" and all the people in the lobby, standing in amazement, I wondered if they wondered who I was. I should have just turned around and said "I'm a child of the King". I walk in, Sammy sees me, hugs, kisses, and a "so glad to see you, how is Phyllis and your dad?" We have the normal conversations and then starts my date night with God. Quiet and peaceful once the big party left the room I was sitting in (crazy drunk people going to the Opera House).

People say that going to Roma's with me is like being treated like a movie star. I laugh, it wasn't always that way, I don't know how I got to get such great service, I just used to go there a lot, and I am nice. That's it. but sometimes when life seems a little rough, when I am getting the short end of the stick, some "movie star treatment" is just the pep you need in your step, and sometimes its just nice to have a Roma salad and a bowl of soup (and some gnocchi with Palamino sauce).

** For some reason all you downriver people love Roma's pizza, there are certain things that downriver has going for it, but Roma's pizza is not one of them.


KayMac said...

What a wonderful thing! btw, can I have your autograph?!!!

Pat said...

Sounds yummy...too bad it's in Detroit, do they deliver?

Elizabeth said...

sounds delish...i may have to have a special occasion night!

Sara said...

you are such the movie star. i'm glad i invented you.

Kell said...

I HATE Roma's Pizza...nasty, nasty stuff!

Louise said...

I have never been to Greektown. My kids go but not I. I have lived a sheltered life according to today's standards.