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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Tips to save money

1. Write a list BEFORE you go to the store, plan out what you will get where. And plan your route to save money. Plan your menu around sales for the week. If something you eat a lot of is on sale, stock up! Phyllis loves oatmeal, when it’s on sale, I buy 5 boxes (or sometimes 10 boxes)

2. Pennies add up. Gas might be “only 5 cents” more, however with a twenty gallon tank, fill up 4 times a month…
5 * 20 * 4 = $4, 12 months a year… $48 a year savings… yes, it does add up. And if $48 isn’t much to you, save the money and give it to me

3. Check for “clearance” groceries. Sometimes the stores just get new stock and they need to get rid of the current stock. Once I bought milk “on clearance” for 50 cents that didn’t expire for a week!

4. Know your prices! Today I bought 2 large clinical strength + 1 normal clinical strength deodorants for $14.88 (at Sam’s)… normally I pay $11.94 for one at Walmart :)

5. Buy “off brands” or store brands. You can save a lot of money. Don’t be put off by plain packaging, all that fancy packaging is just fooling you! Don’t be a fool!

6. Use a towel to whip up a spill not paper towel!

7. Use “real” silverware, plates, etc instead of plastic or paper

8. Cut coupons. And watch for sales! A lot of times coupons are printed at the same time they run a sale, keep your eyes peeled for a good deal.

9. If you don’t have a good memory, keep a notebook of which stores have the cheapest prices for your homes favorite items. Even make note of prices on your lists of what the “sale” prices are so if you are in a different store you can see which store has the best deal.

10. Shop at the Thrift Stores! You can get some “like new” stuff for really cheap. My favorite finds: Coach purse, Kitchen Aid Food processor, kids toys, 2 NEW Brooks Brothers purses (Valued at A LOT!)

11. Make your own. Cakes are a huge savings! Do you buy rotisserie chickens? You can buy a chicken for $3-4 and bake it yourself! And guacamole... $6 for a small package, 4 avocados + seasoning is $5, and you can make more - and it tastes better.

12. Grow your own. Grow your own veggies in the summer. Freeze & can the abundance! This saves lots of money and it tastes WAY better!

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Mrs. Mac said...

Hi Margie, I love this post! We totally got rid of the paper towel bar in the kitchen and put up a little two ring fingertip towel holder. I'm even making all of my cleaning supplies from baking soda, vinegar, ammonia, olive oil/lemon juice (don't think salad dressing here :) ... of course not all mixed together. I'm working on a post about saving big money making your own natural/safe products. Even shampoo!! Laundry soap!! No dryer sheets !!! hanging laundry to dry!!! I figured the pasta think out at costco and try to stock up when pasta is on sale at the regular grocery store.