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optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Experiencing God - Free Book!

I’m reading this book, I’m almost done with it. I loved the book and would highly recommend it. Actually, how about this… if you answer the question at the end of this (on my blog)…. I will send it to you for free! Yes, that’s right Free! I’ve been so blessed by this book, I’d like to bless you! The drawing will be April 15th! P.S. I won’t be sending you mine, I got it as a gift and I LOVE IT TOO MUCH!

Anyway, it’s about discernment in so many different areas of our life. Right now, I’m reading about discernment in the church. And often, I have struggled with if I belong at my church, not because I don’t like it, I think it’s a great church, and I love the people there, but sometimes… well, I just wasn’t sure because when I first became a Christian, I was “wow”ed by sermons, sometimes to tears. And now… I usually learn something, but it’s usually on my own that I get the most out of a scripture (I am still moved but not always "wow'ed") . There was a part in the book where a couple was trying to decide how/where they were experiencing God (in church). And part of me thought about how I used to think the music “it wasn’t good” because it wasn’t my taste (not just at my church but when I am visiting other churches), and how I’ve learned to just rest and think about the words or just praise God in my own way. Or how I’d leave a little irriatated because God “didn’t speak to me” in a service. As I was thinking about that (from where I was to where I am) I thought about the different ways I experience God.

I have learned to experience God in more than just sitting in a church service. And usually I experience Him more than when I am just a consumer. I’ve learned to say (even in the roughest times) “speak of God for your child is listening” (I did learn that in a sermon by Pastor J)-- 1 Sam 3:10 The LORD came and stood there, calling as at the other times, "Samuel! Samuel!" Then Samuel said, "Speak, for your servant is listening.".

I’ve learned to experience God

In the smiles of teens or the tears.
In worship, or a sermon.
On CD (or mp3) or a blog
In a book
In the car
In bread (bought at the store)
As a consumer or a producer.
In communion
In a pew
In a golden chair
On the floor
In sunshine and in rain.
In church or in the house (or the car)
Moving forward or being still.
…In a box or with a fox. :)

How do you experience God? And how has it changed (if it has)?


A Heart after His said...

I experience God, in serving.. it doing the little tasks, and realizing that it can make a difference in another persons life. Like I never would have thought that it could.. but it does. I experience God though photos of people. Which is weird but I love to see the beauty God has created inside of people. I think my way has changed, its not just though singing songs, or reading my bible, it goes beyond that.

Sally said...

I guess for me the reality and answer to that question is easy...everywhere, all the time, in everything and in all ways. How is that for VAGUE! More specifically, I experience God through the daily attacks of the enemy. I know I am loved and blessed and highly favored by HIM, because the devil never tires of trying to knock me flat on my face in every way shape and form. That is how I truly experience God. It is because of that I can take comfort in knowing that I am experiencing His love and favor even when it feels like I am far from His love and favor. God is my PB&J...that simply and that literally. In everything at all times in everything.

Pat said...

I just had a glass of Welsh's grape juice. I actually experience Him while drinking it because it reminded me of communion. He's where your heart is.

Louise said...

What a question you've asked ...

I experience Him as I read His Word and meditate on what He's written ... when I'm with my grandgirls or teaching my kid's class at church ... in the hug of a friend or the kiss of a child ... when a little boy with autism looks at me and our eyes connect and he smiles ... when my husband has dinner waiting because I've been gone all afternoon ... when the sun comes up in the morning and the stars shine at night ... all this and so much more are ways I experience our Father and our God.

Thank you for asking.

Trish said...

I experience God in the mornings as the dew glistens in the sunlight.
I feel Him as Tom and I walk into our Sunday School class together...husband and wife. Teachers of children not ours by birth, yet God has so kindly entrusted them to us.
I experience God as I hold my Grandbabies close and sing...Jesus, Jesus, Jesus... there's just something about that name.
And as I sit here listening to the rain and watch the lightening sweep across the horizon...I am awed by His power.
As Easter approaches and I experience the story of His Resurrection once again. I am amazed that I, Patricia Louise Musser Andrews am chosen by the one who gave His all...that He loved me enough. Lord,I feel you.!

Lynette said...

I experience God in just being able to wake up, walk etc. The biggest miracles to me is when addicts find the Lord and are set free from their addictions...when a little child tells me that Jesus lives in her heart....