Passion is a gritty kind of love, tough and

optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Friday, April 16, 2010

A week in review

I find myself with a million things running around in my mind… and so let this be a week in a review…

I love the Colombia team so much so that I cooked twenty pounds of ground beef for them. I don’t think I’ve cooked 20 pounds of ground beef in two years, I always use ground turkey. Ground beef smells. I am cutting cantelope, oranges, cheese, papaya tonight, which is good for them for breakfast. Looking forward to seeing them tomorrow morning. I love being such a small part in their trip but finding a way to support them in any way I am able. Food and money tracking, its all I got… so I’ll do what I can do.

I went to weight watchers and weighed in for the first time in awhile, made a lot, I mean a lot of poor choices this week, I’ve got to get on track.

Trying to decide if I want to tear up half my backyard to make it a garden, and have a silly stone making party and have “my kids” make me stones throughout the garden. A garden of food and love. I also am dying for this compost container at Sam’s Club, it’s $40 and I really want it, so I’m thinking about getting it.

I totally love my kitchen, but I wonder why I spent that money on that, was there a better investment for God?

What am doing that really matters? Am I loving enough? But in the same breath, am I loving myself enough?

Phyllis performed Wednesday, wow, how the years have gone by, one more year of school concerts. How did I ever get so blessed?

Love and logic really is the way

I’ve had a good week, thankful for His Word and being obedient and following it. Its certainly not easy to go against what I want to do, however, I sleep much better at night.

I am struggling with a certain someone, I am having a hard time remembering that she was made in God’s image too, and He loves her, and He calls me to love her. Oui. That’s a hard one.

I miss my boys… well, they are not my boys but I miss hugging and snuggling with Levi and Judah.

Luke 9 is resonating… I could study it EVERY day!!! Is that dumb??

I try to get my schedule under control, its been really crazy, part of that was due to Phyllis’s rehearsals for Brahm’s Requiem and the musical, but this week and next week is just plain busy. I’ve got the painter’s coming for estimates, we are going to see Spring Awakening, more youth stuff… Thankful to be busy, but yesterday, I barely made it to finish cooking the chorizo…

Topsy Turvy strawberry plants… I want one or ten of those… imagine your own strawberries! That makes me excited!!! Yes! I know… nerd!

So proud of Phyllis for going after her dreams and sending her ACTs to FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising). WOW! To go after your dreams! Wish I would have done that…

Would it be weird to move to California if Phyllis really does go to school there?

How come I felt like I offended him with Jesus, when all I did was ask if he was ok? (that was almost a month ago, but see how I internalize everything?)

I love making cupcakes just so I can say “want a cupcake, Cupcake?”

I love feeding people! Morning bagels, afternoon meeting cookies.

I’m so thankful that God made me encouraging and thoughtful

I love that she wants me to cook!!

Lots of oranges, cantalopes, and papaya

Truly amazed at how God is moving in my heart.

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A Heart after His said...

Haha i love this post, because its kinda ADD, and this is how i think alot.. in random order! haha i love you Margie :)