Passion is a gritty kind of love, tough and

optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Baby it's chilly outside!

I love most of the seasons of Michigan.  I hate winter.  I know some people love it, but I hate it!  snow, ice, I always wished I had a summer birthday or even fall or spring, but winter, bleck!

I particularly LOVE fall.  I need to get to blocks and get some harvest.  It's time to freeze (I might try to can this year!) tomatoes, get a bushel of green beans and snap while I watch movies.  I love apple time, apple sauce is one of my most favorite things to make.  And Phyllis loves making apple crisp!

I love sweatshirts, that I do wear with shorts. I've been thinking about slowing down this fall (yeah, I always THINK about it) I don't think I've ever officially slowed down in MY LIFE!  I do love to nestle up with a good book, I love sitting on the porch wrapped in a blanket and reading.  I love walking around the zoo, I love walking in the city, I love the color of the leaves, I even like raking leaves, weird.  I love hunkering down and snuggling up.

I used to love going on boat rides in the fall, the air is crisp, and it smells different.  It's time for bonfires (I think I need a fire pit!), and marshmallows, but not so many that I begin to look like one.  It's time for the Detroit Marathon (wish I was running but next year!), it's time for trips around Belle Isle, it's time for Apple Orchards and Applefest. 

It's time for breathing in and breathing deep.  I love the chilliness of the air. 

It's fall.  YAY!


Mrs. Mac said...

Enjoy the autumn .. my favorite season too. I remember how special fall is in Michigan with all of the hardwood trees turning beautiful colors. Apple cider and spicy cake do-nuts. In all fairness to winter .. it's time God has us rest up and get recharged for the coming year. Spring would not be as beautiful without the snow and cold. May your foot heal well and be ready to run a marathon next year. Hugs,

Pat said...

I think fall is my favorite time too. This year I have to enjoy the moment instead of looking ahead to winter. LIke Mrs. Mac said, winter has a purpose too, I just wish it's purpose wasn't so long!

Trish said...

I love Fall...I love Winter...I love Spring and I love Summer! So, blessed to live in Michigan where I can enjoy them all.
But...I am looking forward to the colors of Autumn and the smell in the air.
Blessings girlfriend...enjoy your down time. There is a season for everything...even rest!