Passion is a gritty kind of love, tough and

optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

On my mind Thursday

There's weird crazy things on my mind right now.  These are my thoughts, not yours.
New vinyl art for the bathroom - a good reminder!

1. Troy Davis, I don't know the whole story, I am sorry, I wasn't there, I feel for his family.  May God be glorified somehow.

2.  Quit crabbing about the facebook changes!  Embrace change!  I think if facebook controls your life so much that you can feel it, try prayer, do something for someone else, BESIDES it's social media, they are getting unlimited free publicity.  Get a real problem.  If you need something to do, pray, or come and help me clean out my garage to get ready for winter, I can't do it with this boot. (And I just joined google+)

3.  I think I want to remodel my bathroom. I've actually wanted to do it for awhile.  I'm thinking a BIG change, take out the flooring, take out the tile, and redo it ALL! (anyone want to help!)  All because my sink leaked and the cabinet is now gross (it stinks) need to figure out how to get it out to the trash on Sunday (those of you that need something to do...  Sunday - come on over lol).

07-09 Camry Harness
4.  It's wire harness teardown day!  I'm excited to learn new stuff!  Who gets excited about wire harness teardowns?  This girl! (Pictured is a Camry but I thought most people don't know what a wire harness is, so I thought I'd educate you - consider yourself educated!)

5.  I need to redo my blog background. Would like the background to be the city of Detroit (can you believe that?! LOL!!!)  I also want my own web page, not a blogspot page, though I am not really sure why....  need to turn my 'wanter' down.

6. The new Metro building is looking pretty awesome!

7.  Still Journaling and reading my bible

8.  Still want to run (but I'm not)

9.  Can't wait for the Sisterhood reunion!

10.  Dad's having a heart cath today, please pray.

1 comment:

Becky said...

1 if he was innocent, he's with jesus
2 uggh, is there nothing else to complain about? it's free communication
3 good luck
4 you did good
5 don't forget to send me the link
6 i know, it's great!! did you sign up for mealbaby?
7 i'm glad you are doing this!
8 LISTEN to the foot
9 wish i could have gone, have fun
10 he's doing good, yes?