Passion is a gritty kind of love, tough and

optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Friday, September 09, 2011

Piece of my heart

‘If I could have been anywhere today... I would have been on a boat (I don't care if it was a little rainy, that's what ponytails are for), with a big glass of Sterling Meritage, my new book, A Bridge Across Forever, and Supino's pizza’

I was dreaming about my perfect day yesterday. I often contemplate why I love something so much. There usually is a reason. I have many perfect days, each one different, but yesterday, that was it.

Here is a piece of my heart.

We had a boat growing up. I spent from May – September every summer on the boat, and October was the month when things started to wind down and every week a little more would come home with us until the last big push for stuff. We were boaters, rain or shine.  Boating is not something I do, it is part of who I am.

As an only child, I found escape in books. I found imagination and life in them. The words on the pages came to life. The people I read about seemed like they could be my friends. I fell in love with reading while staying with my Aunt and Uncle for a couple weeks in the summer. We would visit the library and I would devour books. Funny, because my daughter does the same. I would ‘complain’ but not really, that Phyllis could read a $4 book in two days in 3rd grade. People would say ‘go to the library’. I wish they would realize that the library was open the hours I worked. You can’t be in two places at once. I love that I passed on the love of reading that was passed on to me. Video games have no value in my house.

I also love a nice glass of wine. I love the way the flavor dances on my tongue. I no longer drink to get drunk. I do love a good glass of wine, but the funny thing is that I’ve had a bottle in my cupboard that is one of my favorites for 10 months (that should tell you how often I drink). I know that a lot of people might be freaking out because I do enjoy a glass of wine. But let me just say this… I don’t drink to get drunk, and I have been an adult for some time now.

And Supino’s pizza. Once you have it, you’ll understand. Until then, it’s too hard to explain.

I’m simple. Boat, book, wine, pizza.

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