Passion is a gritty kind of love, tough and

optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Sunday, October 09, 2011


How are you defined?  During Worship today I was thanking God that I am only defined truly by one decision I made in my life.

The one to follow Him.

It seems that every decision before and after that is overshadowed by Him. Sure the decisions before Him are covered in His scarlet cloak.  And the ones after that are usually (but if I am honest not always) made to bring Him glory.

I had no idea what Pastor Chilly was going to preach about today, and I almost didn't go.  I'm chuckling to myself because I actually had to talk myself into going.  I don't know what I was going to do in place of going to church, but there was a chance I was going to be late, I hate being late to church.  So instead of the chance of being late, I was not going to go.  I'm such a dork.  But I remembered Netta telling me on Saturday how excited Chilly was to share the message that God was going to deliver through Him (those are my words not hers) and so I thought 'Chilly always brings it, so what if I'm late I'll blame the boot'.

During worship I found myself so thankful for the God of forgiveness.  And then Chilly read/taught Joshua 2, Rahab.  You've heard the story, if not, read it here or here.  I love the story of Rahab, a woman redeemed.  I thought it very interesting there was one point that Chilly brought up that I either never noticed or knew...  The guys who stayed at Rahab's house?  They stayed on the roof not in the house.  They stayed out of the area where the trouble happened.  I wonder who had that idea.  But glad they did.  (Chilly always notes cool stuff like that - God's eye view kind of stuff - our God is a God of details - He counts hairs on heads).  Rahab had made quite a mess of her life (sound like anyone you know?  - Pick me pick me) but even though she was not in a time of grace (she's an old testament kind of gal), God worked in her heart and USED HER!  Love that! I know that I'm a mess but God has done some amazing things in and through me (with no help from me).  She could have said 'sorry guys, I've messed up so keep going' but she was able to be used by God.  SHE HAD A PURPOSE!   And if you check the lineage of Jesus - she's in it!!  (another point made by Chilly)

Chilly asked towards the end.  What did God call you?  I'm going to be thinking of that this week.  Why did God call me?  What's my purpose?

I'm defined by God, can't wait to see His definition.

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