Passion is a gritty kind of love, tough and

optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Have no other God's!!!!!!

Oh the images God gives to me! I went to an awesome RC United Group this morning we talked about last week’s message that I missed last week but so thankful to discuss it with a bunch of beautiful women! WOW! (PS - if you want to get my blog sent to your email - you can now - there's a place right to the right - thanks Netta for teaching me something!)

Towards the end of our time together Netta (she really is the best!) mentioned something about how when we are self centered we break the first commandment. This totally blew me away. When I’m singing the ‘meme’ song I make things not about Jesus and bringing glory to Him but about me, and if I make things about me and not Him, I put myself before Him. And afterall, if we want JOY – I believe it must be Jesus Others You. How about that?! But I never really thought about it as breaking the first commandment. WOW!

Exodus 20:3
You shall have no other gods before me (NIV)
You must not have any other god but me.(NLT)
No other gods, only me (The Message)
You shall have no other gods before Me (NKJV)
Do not have other gods besides Me (Holman)
You shall have no other gods before or besides Me (Amplified)

Jesus is NOT a bobble head!
He’s pretty clear in Exodus, He doesn’t waver much! And I am pretty sure that He had a reason for telling His people that they should have no other God’s before Him!

I do not know why God put the image of a bobble head in my brain but I am no bobble head! But thinking about worshipping God, and other idols and how stupid it is to worship anything besides Him made me think of bobble heads! Silly, but God gives me crazy images sometimes!

This whole leg thing has had me singing the ‘meme’ song a lot. I feel like Meatloaf singing ‘what about me! It isn’t fair!’. First of all, why would we want to sing a song by a guy named MEATLOAF? That’s silly. Why name yourself after a food eaten on Sunday. And why meatloaf? Why not roast chicken and mashed potatoes? And why not mashed potatoes? They are better than meatloaf anyway! Ok, sorry, I digressed!

The next part of that song is ‘I’ve had enough and I want my share!’ That causes me to think about ‘my share’ do I really want my share? Really? My share of what I deserve? No thanks! What I deserve? An eternity far from God in the pits of hell! That’s what I deserve! But what I really want is a one-on-one relationship with the Creator of the Universe. My Healer, My Savior, MY LORD! That’s what I want. And singing a song about me is not going to get me there! Maybe that’s why we sing Hymns because they are all about HIM!

Singing about me puts the focus on me. Ever stand in a spotlight? Everyone looks at you, it’s hot. A lot of times, people wonder what you’re doing there and start to pick out your flaws. NO THANKS! I’ll be in the back, behind the curtain, making mac & cheese for Him! And for others who need their spirits fed as well as their bellies! So on the way home, I started thinking about my family. Phyllis mostly. I know she’s busy, and she’s got a lot of pressure. What can I do to make sure she has what she needs and make it easier on her. She’s been helping a lot around here and I’d be lost without her with the boot and long before that! The easiest. Meal planning. So she has yummy delicisou food to keep her body and soul fed!

Thankful for great lessons and remembering to sing about Him, not me! I never was that great at singing anyway!

Thank You Jesus for reminding me that it’s not about me. It’s all about You!!

Dear Jesus, thank You Lord for loving me, in my mess. Thank You Jesus for loving me so much that when the world is loud and tells me that it’s all about me, and I start to believe it, that is when You pull me closer, You hold me tighter, Your word is stitched in my heart to keep it from unraveling. Thank You Jesus for being bigger than me! Thank You Jesus for being the strong tower that I need, and the eagles wings that I can hide under when I am not strong enough to do anything on my own. Thank You Jesus for it being about You and not about me. Thank You for all You’ve done in my life, and all You continue to do. I am thankful for You far more than my words will ever say. I loveYou.

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I love you Miss Margie!!!