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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Door to Door Organics

I thought I'd give you my thoughts on Door to Door Organics.

let me first tell you this... I get nothing if I refer you, so if you want a coupon for half off, and I ask that if you ask, please review what you are going to get because I can only refer 5 people per month for the 50% off.   I'm just passing along information!

Here is the pic of my cooler packed from delivery.  I ordered the large mixed box (fruits and veggies - there are a few options - click on the box from the home page) with a few extra things.

First off... DELIVERED RIGHT TO MY DOOR!  Thank you very much!
Second... even though i can get organic produce at kroger or meijer, the selection was better on here.
Price - I haven't compared everything yet, working on it... but seems to be in line from what I saw this morning.
Taste - Can you say YUMMY!  Everything we've eaten has been like 'just picked at it's right time!'.  We've had the Fuji apples, pears, mushrooms, oranges, & garlic

I'm using the parsley (until I use it) as a pretty decoration in my kitchen (it's true).

This will be a go-to for me at least twice a month!

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Netta said...

Wow... I admire you for beginning a whole new journey groceries!
and I love that you love valentines! :)