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optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Just getting started!

I was at the Detroit Prayer walk this morning and it was kind of crazy and I ended up praying a lot of different stuff and I was looking around the city and thinking about the Detroit Mission Trip.  This year is a little different because I go to Haiti June 23-30 and then I come back for a week, and then it’s Detroit 2012!  Crazy.  While some may serve one week for ‘Detroit’ the hardest parts are the two weeks before.  There is a lot of prep that goes into it.  One of the big things… groceries.  Food is probably the most expensive thing on the trip.  Feeding 75 –100 people 3 meals a day isn’t easy and it must be good and cheap.  That’s difficult. There are things to consider like food allergies, veggie peeps, lactose intolerance, gluten allergies. 

I try to work really hard at not only feeding them food that they like, but getting some nutrition in them!  Watermelon and a veggie tray is always waiting when they arrive from working all day. Fruit with breakfast & lunch.

the start of the stock up!
I also do my best at keeping costs down.  About this time, I start picking things up ‘here and there’.  Today I got two boxes of noodles for $.62 each.  Sometimes it’s a jar of peanut butter, a box of cereal, spaghetti sauce.  None of this is added to the cost of the trip.  God blesses me with a good deal, and I bless the trip. 

If you look at the picture, that’s what I’ve got started.  And soon I will be asking for donations!  The cheaper the cost of food, the more we can spend in other areas!  We try to reach a lot of people of all different ages!

This is the tentative menu:
Everyday is cereal for breakfast (and if I get adventurous the last day will be pancakes & sausage)
For lunch each group gets:  lunch meat (selection of 2-3 kinds), peanut butter and jelly, fruit snacks, fruit, cookies, chips, and kool aid.

Tuesday – Mostacolli, garlic bread, a veggie
Wednesday – Taco Night chicken or beef (it’s really ground turkey) tacos, Spanish rice, salsa, beans, nacho cheese, chips
Thursday – BBQ chicken, pasta salad, potato salad, veggies
Friday – Pizza

Every night has dessert – typically ice cream sandwich cake, cupcakes, banana pudding

Plus snacks like chips, pretzels, drinks

I can’t wait!  

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