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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pupuseria! A review

We are here!  

On Sunday we went to Pupusería y Restaurante Salvadoreño in Detroit. It was El Salvadorian food.

It was soo good. There are a few things I think I need to tell you about… BUT I WOULD SO RECOMMEND THIS PLACE!  You can also check it out on Yelp!
Phyllis clearly wasn't thrilled about
getting her pic taken

the entrance
First, you could drive right past it if you’re not paying attention, and even if you are… you could. The address is for a duplex and the resturaunt is behind it. Don’t accidentally walk into the house. The parking lot… well… it’s an empty lot with no pavement. They do have security cameras so you can actually watch your car from inside.

This place is simple, and by simple I mean bare bones. There are booths, and a long table with old school folding chairs.

There are not chips and salsa. That is a Mexican thing… don’t ask.
no me gusto

The place takes cash only.

The food… is FANTASTIC! And pretty cheap!

We drank water… but they have all kinds of different flavored soda but I am not sure if they have fountain drinks, I didn’t even look because we don’t drink pop.

Our bill… $18 for 3 people and we were full.

We decided to share one plate of plantains with beans and cream. I must tell you, Phyllis could have eaten all the plantains by herself and I could have licked the plate clean of beans and cream. And when I say cream (because that’s what they call it) it’s like the yummiest sour cream you’ve ever eaten in YOUR LIFE!

We also got these things called pupusaras. Doughy things, fried, filled with yummy goodness. We all had one each – beans and cheese and chicken beans & cheese. It was funny because one of us liked the bean & cheese best and one of us like the chicken beans & cheese best… and Phyllis, well, she was in love with the plantains that reminded her of Colombia. I have to say I wasn’t a huge fan of the cabbage salad and Kelly and Phyllis didn’t try it, but I think it was just that I like mayonnaise type dressing.

wall decoration (a towel)
As you know, I love fancy eating. But I also love places that are old school. The décor in this place was filled with Central American flags hanging from the walls, it was fun to google different flags to see where each one is from.

A bunch of friends are all headed here on the 18th and I’m excited to eat here again. I know better this time, and will not share the beans and cream (frijoles & crema) because I want to eat it all myself .

It is definitely a place you should try… and go back again.

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