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optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Friday, June 08, 2012

Cass Cafe - YUM!

The funny part about loving a city is that you eat at the same places all the time, because, well, they are your favorites, but I am always willing to take a suggestion.  Katie & Adam are always trying different places because Adam is a super star hubby and plans dates and he uses yelp! to find places.

photo from their website
Katie told me about Cass Cafe the other day and their lentil burger (I found out from the waitress it's their most popular dish!).  So since Jessie and I were going out for dinner and hanging out, I thought we'd try it (thankfully she's open for going on these adventures with me!)

The menu is, well, completely overwhelming because, well, everything looks great!
So we ordered the artichoke dip, which was like nothing I've seen before and it was out of this world good!

 So I asked the waitress her fave and she said 'Ahi Tuna' (EW!) then she gave me some other suggestions and said the Lentil Burger was most popular (see above).  I ended up getting the turkey burger (by her suggestion) and it was... well... in a word... DE-LISH!!!!  And I said I couldn't decide between the onion rings and the veggie of the day, by her suggestion "get the veggies" another great choice.  The veggies were so good I ate them first and only had room for half my turkey burger (I brought it home for Phyllis).

The atmosphere is great, there is art on the walls, it was really cool, there was music playing in the background but it wasn't super loud, the waitstaff was friendly but not in your face.  The iced tea (which is probably only important to me) was great. I can see this place easily becoming a favorite!  Wish they were open on Sundays after church (but that's not anything to complain about).

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