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optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Margie's Money Saver tips & stuff

Often I share some of my tips of survival! So I have a few different ones that are kind of unrelated but I feel like I should share!


Ever been to a teaching and the person talking is spitting out scripture like crazy or just tell the scripture before they read it and you can’t seem to get it all written down??

We get the book and MAYBE the chapter, but sometimes by the time we write all that… we forget the verse. I actually have a crazy “numbers” brain. I’m in Sales, remember? I had a boss when I was young that would ask me to call someone for him, and he’d only tell me the number one time! Can you imagine?!? Man, he was a great boss to have a first boss because as much as he liked me he was rough. His way… or His way… I’m not even sure if there was a highway option LOL

My friend Netta taught me this awesome trick while taking notes during sermons or teachings.

When the speaker/teacher/pastor says a verse… Write the numbers first (leave a space for the book) and then go back and write the book. MOST of the time, you will not forget the book, and you’ve written the numbers.

It’s a great trick, and I’ll tell you that it never fails that someone is always asking me “What verse was that?” and this helps me to study during the week or helps me to pass along a scripture when someone doesn’t know my trick (I try to teach people once I realize they don’t know this trick).

Another thing I have just learned and figured out…

Amazon Prime – If you purchase the Free 2 day shipping with Amazon, which makes it not FREE lol but..l am not sure if everyone knows, you can also get movies and tv shows like Netflix… and it’s included in the $79/year. If you have Netflix (you’d be able to cancel it) the cost for a year for streaming is $107.88. I have found that the shows I like are on Amazon Prime but not Netflix (you’d have to check that out for yourself). Also if you are a student… I was told (from a great source) it’s only $39/year! That’s a HUGE savings. Amazon has a 30 day free trial of Prime (make sure you cancel it – or you WILL be charge!) to check out the movies and if you like the service. I would recommend that you do it November/December time frame to take full advantage of the shipping option.

Some people think that I spend a lot of money for convenience (and sometimes I do!!) but I have a few tips that enable to save money to spend it on other things that I want sometimes :) So I can my own beans. I buy organic dried beans (red, pinto, and black). I recycle the jars and the lids, but I buy new tops to ensure a good seal. I line the jars up, add the beans (1/2 c in pint jars) and 1 t salt and hot boiling water. And I throw them in the pressure cooker/canner for an hour (that’s the directions I had) and they taste soooo good!! I realize that things cost more because they are organic, free range, grass fed, etc, but when doing this… you are not eating poison, hormones that you should not, ammonia, pesticides ,etc. I am not crazy about going organic, we do buy quite a few organic products. I also feel like eat less because the food tastes better!!

I love pesto, but it can be expensive and who knows what is in it sometime, especially if it comes in a jar! I planted tons of basil this summer, so I will be making pesto and freezing it to make it during this summer (for those of you who think I’m fancy, I’m bargain fancy so I don’t have to spend tons of money!!)

There are a few nuggets of wisdom! I’m also going to be making some meals this weekend to keep so that we eat at home – or at work in order to save money!

This is a public service announcement! God loves you!


Anonymous said...

U r so amazing. I love reading yr blogs

Anonymous said...

So amazing you shd always sit in the front of the class

Jada's Gigi said...

Awesome! you are a managing wonder!