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optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Praying for miracles on miercoles!

Ok so not to be whiney but my foot is super HURTING! Like wake up in the middle of the night 'Ohmyword!!!' hurting! It's wrapped at this point but hurts:(

Like all mission trips for me, including the daily ones, if my heart is open, God moves. This one is surely no different. I'm a "I'm nervous or slightly uncomfortable go to the back if the class or to the kitchen gal" and being the only one who isn't a part of a pair (there is one mother/daughter team everyone is married" has proven challenging. Satan has used it to make me feel inadequate however and that's a big however thanks to a dear friend who told me to put my sass pants on (which certainly can be dangerous if I put them on and they are too big) I did. I proclaimed in my cabeza (head) 2 Cor 12:9 his grace is sufficient for me! He is made strong in my weakness! (thank you Jesus).
God did not bring me here to sit in the back unless there is a muffin in the back or a mom that can be communicated to with Spanglish. He brought me to do silly things like put on a fly costume and buzz around (it's true I did that) or to have the kids trust me and me to flash my big smile at them and somehow they were showing off their play doh food creations to me and one of the moms made me a play doh bowl to put it all in (sounds crazy but it made my heart  soar). 
One little girl valeria who I just cannot get to snuggle but she held my hand yesterday as we walked down the street (baby steps) shared her fruit with me. I had this overwhelming craziness of "don't take her food but you can't say no" inside me. I took it because it was a true gift from her heart. Her smile was huge.

We need a few more meters of earth to get to clean water (we hope!)  we are do close. It's been raining all night (it is the raining season!) but I can't help to think that God in his magnificentness had used this rain to  cleanse the earth and clean water WILL be pumped out! I don't just hope clean water - I believe it's coming!!

It's hard to imagine all the things that clean water will bring to this beautiful community - but god sits on the throne established in love (is 16:5) in faithfulness! He is faithful and loving!!! And in this too I truly believe that he will indeed be faithful!

Sending love and besos!!

Pean - to the moon and back plus one!!

Please be praying that we hit clean water, that there are professions of faith (we've already had some!!)
Team unity
One of our team members lost a dear family member pray that if needed we can get her out of el Salvador cheap!!  And that she has peace ad god just surrounds her.


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Trish said...

Praying for water, your foot and for blessing upon blessing. Love and kisses to you too! My Em and Xavie are half Mexican... so I get lots of Besos from them!