Passion is a gritty kind of love, tough and

optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday morning

I wonder if my three dedicated readers (are sick of me writing so much) but its my blog so...

There are moments when we are here that it seems so hard. I think for me physically it's not hard except that it's super hot. It seemed in Haiti there were moments when we could escape the heat like sitting on the cool tile floor or a beautiful breeze would start but it seems in el Salvador there is no break from the heat and while the actual temperature is not hotter it sure seems hotter. Yesterday there was a moment (or two because I forgot) that I'd like my lips because they were a little dry an I'd taste the salt.  
An then there are moments when I actually forget I'm on a mission trip. The food is fabulous air conditioned rooms (NOT complaining!!!) sitting in a hammock as the pacific oceans waves break against the sand. For a girl who loves water there is only a few things that could make this better;) one being a Starbucks Trenta black tea (no syrup because I am sweet enough).
As I sit here looking at the beautiful coconut trees that have the most perfectly brown trunks and their green leaves are held together with a perfectly drawn yellow 'stalk' (we will call it that because I'm not a bontinst) and I can't help but to think that God is a I-got-a-plan-for-everything-God. He makes everything beautiful. Even me :) 
I think maybe He brings us the things He does at the right time. He works it out for our good. 
Sometimes I have no idea why God brings me to the things He does. 3 mission trips in one summer- I'm no youth pastor and surely no saint- but in each one He has brought me a different kind if love but all the same. His love surely has no boundaries, from the way He speaks to me (& I've been crying a lot-shocker I know!!!) to the color of palm trees, to the way precious little ones hide behind their mommas until they are loved out with a warm smile and a lollipop. Teenagers who serve, friends who come up along side us to take care of us, people who protect us enough that we can open our hearts. Carrying out James 1:27 as we love the orphans in whatever way He directs us. In the way that when we are alone we feel his embrace and even fun and silly conversations in el Salvador. I'm excited about what god has planned today.

Please be in prayer for our digestive tracks. At this point no one is having issues but it's got to be like the three bear's... Not too hard, not too soft... Just right lol

I also woke up today with a migraine (ptl for excedrin) but it could be a long day for me if I am not healed. 

Continue to pray for team unity-personally I'm loving these peeps more and more everyday and I'm gonna miss seeing their faces everyday. 

Pray that we are able to bring water, the physical kind and the REAL living kind (read John 4).

Pray for breezes and no bugs :) and our ability to have not enough of one and too many if the other.


And Pean I Loveyou to the moon and back... Plus one<3 div="div">


heather blankenship said...

I love you Margie! Keep moving his kingdom forward. Can't wait to hear all about it & will be praying for all of you. :-) Heather

rmm4361 said...

There are more than 3 dedicated readers! We just keep quiet about it! Thank you for all that you are doing!