Passion is a gritty kind of love, tough and

optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Just ramblin on and on... And on and on...

I've cut back a lot of stuff in the last week or two. I can tell you that I thought it would be hard but it's not. At all. 

I've watched more tv than I'd care to admit lol. The first 21 episodes of season 1 of revenge and the other 3 or 4 episodes if this season. Is it a good show ? Oh I don't know but it's kept my mind occupied. It's allowed me to rest because I've needed it. 

I went to the voodoo doctor, aka the chiropractor yesterday and got some nutrition to help my mood :) and dealing with stress because Lord knows I've got enough of it... He gave me three things called it the triple cocktail :) so hopefully it will kick in soon like a cheap glass of wine. (Without the hangover) He was shocked about the news I had for him!

Spending time with God but I'm sure He will be annoyed soon because I don't seem to shut up much to listen. But somehow in the during the day (when I'm not talking) He is or when I'm writing He is sealing each word with His. Like a writer always signs their letters with a salutation He signs His letters to me - I love you always. It brings much comfort. 

I got my stove today. What craziness that was! They were supposed to come between 12-4 but they didn't call until 4:30 because someone made a mistake and wrote delivery 4-8. Oh we'll. I got $100 off so that made me happy:) I had to move a meeting that I had scheduled but I guess that is the way it goes.  Thankfully I was able to reschedule. 

In other exciting news... I'm switching my calendar over to my iPhone. My phone is always with me. It might be a slow migration but ill get there eventually. 

I have moments if suffocation lately. When things so overwhelming that I can't figure out is reality (truth) and what is fiction (a lie). I count on God to figure it out. 

I had a great time by the water last night. Because of the location I sat in my car and thought and prayed. It was nice. When I thought about that place from past to present my heart was filled with great, funny, and sweet memories. God never leaves us.
I'm sitting on the porch tonight thinking about the summer. It was such a great summer!!! So glad I listened to God!! Arms wide open!!

I am glad the Tigers are doing well - mostly because the same people who post all that political stuff are now posting about the Tigers. Seriously people - shut up already! 

Proposals... It's my blog... Yes on 2 people. If teachers don't make good money do you really want someone making $15/hour ($30000/year) responsible for teaching our children? Come on. Get a clue. That's as political as I get. 

Oh, I lost 4 lbs last month. That was a nice surprise! I was a little worried after my last couple days. 

Let's see... I think that might be it in my exciting life.

Sending love,

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