Passion is a gritty kind of love, tough and

optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My thoughts...

I get this weird call…

“mom, did you lend out our TV?”
Which isn’t actually a weird question if you know me… I would do something like that…
But the answer was “No”
So she calmly says “Mom, I think we’ve been robbed”

Thankfully I wasn’t far from home at that point so I came home, checked for our passports (I did forget that I shouldn’t have touched anything), called my dad, cracked a few jokes, and then called the police. You can see… I take things seriously in life. Maybe I take the wrong things seriously in life… this coming from the puker!

They didn’t take much…a tv, my roku box, my storage thingie, and my mom’s wedding rings. I was actually surprised they didn’t take other things… but let me tell you… even though the things they stole were just things… I am having a detective come. You know why? Because I have a slight idea of who it might have been… and so… just in case, I’d like to know.

It’s a funny thing… The police officer said “any shady neighbors?” I started laughing… and said “This IS Lincoln Park” lol.

I am more annoyed with the whole no TV thing… but thankfully you can watch anything on TV on your laptop. That of which I am doing… Don’t want to miss my shows…

I planned on coming home and making white bean chicken chili for dinner because… I can.

I am thankful that I don’t care about stuff. I am sad about my mom’s rings, but you know what? They are still just stuff. Maybe I should be more upset and maybe I will be later, but those rings were just a something. A something that of course means something to me, but I have two pins that aren’t worth much to anyone but me that were hers, and for some reason, I’ve cherished them since I was a young girl. They didn’t take my gramma’s rosary (which I don’t use, but it was hers) or the actual jewelry box that belonged to her.

I had long since taken my gold in to be melted… so sorry about that robbers.

Phyllis had her laptop with her thankfully.

I noticed they took the remote that came with the TV. That actually made me laugh.

I feel kind of bad for the people who stole my stuff.
They are sick in some way.

They picked the wrong house. Now, if you were looking for bubbles, glue sticks, homemade pickles, and lots of candy for Halloween, pictures of people I love, well, then my house… perfect house… if you want stuff… you picked the wrong place. I don’t care about stuff.

I find myself thankful that Phyllis wasn’t here. That I wasn’t here.

I find myself thankful that I don’t care about stuff. I am glad that it doesn’t matter to me.

People matter to me.

The fact that there isn’t a room in this house that doesn’t talk about the goodness of God makes me thankful, they say His word, even if it didn’t mean anything to them, it means something to me (and no one can steal that).

I guess I’ll be home in time to hand out Halloween candy tomorrow. I’ll meet a police officer (detective), I’ll work from home, and I’ll figure out how I’m gonna get a new TV.

There are a lot worse things that can happen to you in your life.

This is just a bump in the road.

Thanks for caring, keep praying, and be sure to pray for the crackheads (I assume they are crackheads) who took my stuff, they need it..

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Diane said...

I am so sorry that thieves decided your property was of more value to them than to you but I am so happy that I know your heart and knew the minute I started reading that your greatest concern, your greatest blessing, is that your precious daughter was not injured. I love your attitude about 'things'. I love the words of that Vince Gill's what you give away. That's what matters in this life and you are one of the most giving peoople I have ever known. What a blessing you are to me, even in the midst of your testing. I love you sweet Margie, oh how I treasure your precious heart!