Passion is a gritty kind of love, tough and

optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Friday, November 02, 2012

Friday Rambling...

Friday Ramblings…

My heart is all over the place. And so if you know me… I talk, I write, I express myself. Sometimes I wish I still scrapbooked so that I had a creative outlet… I’ve got no outlet except this blog… I need a hobby in the worst way, but knowing my wandering heart lately, I don’t know how long I’d stick to it. Maybe I’ll just have a party so I can cook for a bunch of people. Would you come?

So here I go… rambling on (again)

The truth is that I don't care about possessions. I just don't. However, I found myself being honest with my friend Jessica saying "it's really f'ed up that God would have me write about my momma and then the next day the rings are gone". There are these pins that I have that were my moms that my dad "trusted " me with as a kid. Costume jewelry (they didn’t steal them). Not worth much to anyone but me. I just wanted to give my daughter those rings someday. I'm praying they show up at a pawn shop but who knows.

Did you know that I used to cuss like a sailor? I still have my moments but I don't swear nearly as much as I used to, someday I will say that I don't swear at all! The problem is that I used to release whatever was in me at the time... Now it's all bottled up and I've got a stomach ache. Bleck! I need to find a hobby or some creative outlet so I don't swear or have a stomach ache. Wouldn't that be grand! I think it might be called being happy! I should give that a whirl - well I did and it was glorious! But... Happiness is based on circumstances and those circumstances passed.

My daughter got accepted into EMU and because of her good grades she got a scholarship of $3000 per year! She works really hard for her grades and I'm super proud of her!!! Praying more scholarships will come and maybe we won't have to pay anything for her schooling! Wouldn't that be grand! I am so very proud of her!

Also started reading a new book 1000 gifts by the recommendation of my friend Jessica :) I really like it. The writing is really descriptive and I love that. I really have been trying to be more descriptive in my writing. Not just talking on paper but to describe something so a reader could picture themselves in that spot. I started a few months ago by describing a sunset by feeling not by sight.

My new favorite band, and I realize I’m a little late to the party… but All sons and Daughters (song at the top of the blog). They often sing the songs of my heart at any given moment. I need a reason sing… And I have it…but sometimes I hate everything around me. And I need to know that You are still holding the whole world in Your hands… My arms are raised because you are good, Lord, I know You are, but I don’t like what’s going on around me…

Did you know that memories and conversations are etched in my brain? And sometimes when I'm in a place my brain is writing? I can see words dance around. I remember words and sounds and smells and feelings. I remember everything. My brain is a storehouse of memories. I’ll never forget you it's a great thing to have memories that last lifetimes.  I often wonder if I'm remembered or thought of the way I think of others.

That's it for Friday ramblings! Happy Friday! May our home be where you heart is, may you feel God's ever presence in your life, and may you always remember, I Loveyou.

I love this song... and I still feel like the lucky one


jules said...

I am speaking for many when I say, that we would love to hear your story (I know I am not in your group, but I know some of the ladies that are). You are such an AMAZING gift from God to all who know you. You have had many challenges in your life, and you keep God centered and you learn from Him always ~ Your story is so special because it is the one that was meant for You by Him.


Margie said...

Girl I think you're one of my biggest fans! I Loveyou!!

JessicaChubb said...

Love this!!!