Passion is a gritty kind of love, tough and

optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Friday, November 09, 2012

Thankful for love... always

In November people write what they are thankful for… I could make a list of 100 things every day, when I pray I don’t just ask God for things, I praise Him and thank Him for lots of things.
I always start with Love. I can’t breathe without love. Love is who I am to the core. Scared sometimes yes, but always wanting to love bigger than the day before.
I’ve said it before, I’m in it to win it, because I’m in it for love.
I’m the lucky one, because I’ve been lucky enough to love.
There is no greater thing than love.
My list of “thankfuls” so far…
  1. Love
  2. Grace
  3. Forgiveness
  4. Phyllis
  5. Haiti
  6. The Word of God
  7. Levi, Judah, Zion, Ava, Lana
  8. Netti Pot
  9. Aaron, Noah, Abbie, Nate

 I know that one is kind of funky, but I really am thankful for my Netti Pot.
You will see the 5 names in my thankfuls, my “nieces and nephews” who are technically not even related to me… but I couldn’t love them anymore or more deeply than I do. I just think they are the cat’s pajamas. When I see them, I think about how much I love them but not only that, how much I truly adore them. The only one that is pictured more in my desk is Phyllis. How thankful I am.
I am so thankful to adore and be adored. I love all the parts of love, even the hard parts.
Sometimes in Hello, we have a goodbye, I wasn’t going to go back to Haiti in December because I don’t think my heart can say goodbye again to the muffins, but I have to love, even if I am scared of good-bye. I must always lean in, love big and with reckless abandon, the world is filled with fear, I refuse to live in it, even if I think I might die from the heartbreak (and sometimes I think I might!).  Besides God did not create with with a spirit of fear, it is only the hurt that others have caused us that makes us fear. 2 Tim 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.
It’s just the way it goes, we take the good with the bad, but we can never stop loving. Through the heartache and pain until we feel the sun from both sides, again. The sun is always above the clouds, waiting for them to pass. And it does.
I’m so thankful for love… did I say that? I meant it.
1 Cor 16:14 Do everything in love
I sang this to the muffins a lot when I was in Haiti in the summer.  I rocked one of the muffins to this song...  Apparently I have an odd sense of what is a lullaby.  

1 comment:

Terry said...

dear sure ARE full of love and you burn your candle both ends!..when the lord saved you, he got a precious gift and i know that he is so proud of you that you are using yourself for him!...betty told me that you are going back to haitl and i know that they will be looking forward to this large piece of love that is coming.
dear don't have to say goodbye though..just say so long!
.when i took spanish at a college, my teacher would tell us, never say "adios" is like an final goodbye, always say "¡hasta luego"..see you later!
the lord will surely go with you dear little sister to haiti and at the same time, he will be staying behind with your little muffins in the usa! terry