Passion is a gritty kind of love, tough and

optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The stuff that rolls around in my head!

Everyday its one of my favorite things to do… I check

Everyday this beautiful lady posts free books for my kindle app. I actually don’t have a kindle, but thanks to the app, I can read books on my phone! Almost every day there is some sort of cookbook, often money saving guides, free books for children (which I download so if I ever have children in my presence, I have books for them, haha!). It’s one of my favorite websites, and I check it pretty much everyday. I am not sure when I’ll ever have time to read all these books, but they are there if I ever have the time! HAHA!

Our churches biggest Jr High outreach started last night! HOLY MOLY! Jr highers are nuts! But great! I love seeing them so excited and to have a place where they are loved is amazing! Thankfully them coming to Jesus doesn’t depend on me, because I don’t think I have that kind of patience anymore. Not sure how I’m going to survive on the Mission Trip, a lot of prayer I guess… But God put it on my heart to bring pizza for the new kids, plus the person who brought them. Last night was 8 pizzas, it was cool, I hope next week I have to bring 12! Though I said “my limit” was 100 pieces… God has no limit on how many students He wants affected by His Son, so I will just follow that lead… LOL

do you know I actually hate "up&downs"
 (AKA carousels because they
 make me dizzy and sick, but
my nephews& nieces
can get me to go on them EVERY time!

Next weekend we make the big announcement for the Detroit Mission Trip! How exciting! Our church loves a lot of people in that week, by doing a lot of different things, and I’m always amazed that our own kids serve and then giving their lives completely to Christ. It makes me cry everytime!! And our church, wow, it just all really works together!! I’ve got some mad couponers shopping to make the cost of the groceries cheaper! And there is going to be this AMAZING grocery ministry that we are doing this year! WOW! It’s soooo awesome! JESUS!!!

Lots of planning for our Haiti Trips!! So excited! I’ve got the VBS crafts and games for one

My super handsome
nephew Levi on the Up&down
See why I can't say no?

My life never seems to stop! I am always on the move, always thinking, always hugging, always loving. I HAVE got to figure out how to squeeze working out into my schedule. I know I need to do this. It’s the only way I will survive. Truly, and I’ve got to drop some poundage (some, yeah right, like 40 lbs to start! But I’ll just work on them one pound at a time!) I love my busy life, but I know that I’ve got to say no to some things so I can say yes to other things, and to myself. I can never be too busy to hear from God, to stop and listen. Even carousels have to stop sometimes, no matter how beautiful they are!

Hope all is well in your world! I’m sending love!!

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