Passion is a gritty kind of love, tough and

optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

My crazy planning

It’s one of the funniest things in the world to me, but not so funny to anyone else…  I always plan my funeral before I leave on an overseas mission trip.  Now, truth the told, I could be killed at any given moment, but when I travel overseas, I write out my funeral plan.  I mean, really, who cares?  The three people that will be there?  I don’t know. And I won’t care that day because… well, I’ll be worshipping with Jesus.  I actually go to funerals and think “I like this or that” or just the opposite. 

Recently, I’ve decided that I want a closed casket.  Someone I love a lot hates open caskets, and what they heck, I won’t care.  Just put some pictures of me around, I’d rather people remember me as I lived, not as I looked in a casket anyway.  They’d probably put some blue eye shadow on me, and the wrong shade of lipstick (I usually only wear eternally tan by Revlon – colorstay overtime. But who cares… the casket will be closed).

So I text people and ask them if they will sing, I really do want the song “I am not dead” by the Alive Band played (man people are gonna freak out!) with the rap and everything!  And everyone should take off their shoes and dance around!  One person said to me when I asked last year  “yes, but don’t die”.  Every time I go, my songs change, except for “Not dead” and “Savior King”.  My newest favorite is “Oceans” and “Nothing is Wasted” .

I’m not afraid of dying.  I am afraid of leaving my baby to fend in this world all by herself.  Nobody loves you like your momma.  Leaving my baby girl makes me want to cry just thinking about it.  Sheesh.  Ok, that’s enough about that.

The reason I plan my funeral out is one thing, I want people to know that they shouldn’t waste not one single day of their life.  Don’t hate, choose joy, love bigger, and always always always follow Jesus. So, as I always say the ‘three people who are there will hear about Jesus”.

If I were to die in Haiti, know this…  even if I knew I was going to die, I would have gone anyway.  Heck, I’ve been in some pretty bad situations in Detroit. 

We are having a huge Missions outreach on Thursday at my church at 7pm (you should come! – there is even going to be ice cream and a comedian at 8:15pm – I’m only staying for the missions part though) and we are going to be talking about what we are going to do.  This is a huge deal to me!  This is what I do, and Jesus is my life.  This is what my money goes to, my time, its where my heart lies.  The bible says “go” and I take the pretty literally.

So… don’t freak out if ask you to talk, read, preach, or sing…  it’s just my weirdo-ness coming out…  I’m a planner… what can I say?


Deb said...

Love you sister! This makes my heart smile....but don't die. ;)

Pat said...

I had a closed casket for my mother. They had her looking like Joan Crawford in Mommy Dearest! I didn't want her remembered that way...she would have been very mad, LOL!
Don't die.