Passion is a gritty kind of love, tough and

optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Moving forward

Life often seems crazy to me. People get excited about concerts or going on vacation and me? I can barely contain myself when finding out I'm going to go to Haiti and on a mission trip with my friends to Detroit. 

I mean really, who spends 2/3 of their vacation time on mission trips, other times for youth ministry. You've got to think I'm crazy because quite frankly I do. 

It's weird.

Yesterday I was in a terrible neighborhood, heart broken. Absolutely heart broken. Abandoned houses, burned down houses, THERE ARE KIDS IN THAT NEIGHBORHOOD!!!!

Here's my problem with all the naysayers about Detroit, you can do something. You can.

If this crazy single mom with hardly any talent can do it so can you. Wait? Let me guess you don't have time? Well send me $5 I'll put it to good use! I was made aware of a robotics team in a high school at Cody high school that work late and they need snacks and food! You buy, I'll fly. Oh wait, you don't have money, I have soup kitchens that need people to serve or how about reading to a classroom. Reading is fundamental! I'll even give you the book to read :) I got them. Don't have time or money, well get on your knees and pray!!!! Pray that God would provide an army to do His work, and His mighty provision to pay for it all. 

I'm excited for this summer. 2 trips to Detroit to make a difference locally and two trips to Haiti. I can barely contain myself!

I'm working with an orphanage in Haiti for child sponsorships. There are 16 children who need to be sponsored! And already 4 are sponsored! It's $25 a month. I've loved and seen them with my very own eyes! They are the most beautiful kids!  Their smiles can light up the darkest of places, their voices are so angelic to hear them sing is the most amazing thing! To see them soak up all they can learn! Amazing!!!

I am excited about this crazy path God has me on, and I'm still praying that God brings me an amazing man to share this journey with, but until then, my crazy feet will continue to move forward, hugging, smiling, loving, feeding, and maybe even tearing down a house or ten :)

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Steve Finnell said...


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Faith: John 3:16
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