Passion is a gritty kind of love, tough and

optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Friday, May 09, 2014

My peanuthead!

I love that my friends inspire me to think and feel. (I cried almost the whole night!)

Name someone who inspires you and a song to go with it.

That’s not that difficult.  I mean my list is long of people who inspire me, who have poured into my life.

I shared a lot with my friends, and the truth is I wouldn’t be a momma without the most inspiring person I know…

My Pean.  

That little fire cracker.

She makes my life worth living. 

I love love love that she is the best parts of me!  I mean, for real, she’s not perfect, but strives to be do good, she is helpful, and loving.
She is spunky and funny and one of the strongest, bravest person I know!

I love that she is making her own quilt, I mean, God knows that I could not sit still for 10 minutes to even start.

She even started our veggie garden from seeds this year!  You know, I dream about doing that, but that is as far as I get. 

When she was a little tike she was diagnosed with arthritis but she never let it stop her.  That little punkin would still play baseball and t-ball even if someone else had to run for her because her feet hurt so bad. 

She is super creative and super talented!  I knew she’d excel in Interior Design, a momma knows.

I love watching her sing and perform, it's like her spirit comes alive!

She’s a good saver and takes good care of her things. She works hard for them and knows having nice things doesn’t come easy and it’s a blessing.

She’s also smart!  The little booger has only got 2 B+ in her high school and college career and works really hard.  I am so proud of her that she does well and works almost full time!
This song reminds me of her.  That I loved her the minute I saw her for the first time, and my heart was for the better.  I love my peanuthead.

When she was a little peanut when Stevie Wonder would play I’d ask her “who sings this song?” and she’d pipe up with a big smile and say “Stevie Wonder”.  People would be so shocked, and say “wow, she knows who Stevie Wonder is?” and I’d answer “of course”. (I never told them that I only asked her if it was Stevie Wonder!!)

She is by far my greatest blessing! My spunky-sassy girl!

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