Passion is a gritty kind of love, tough and

optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Friday, July 11, 2014


What a crazy week!  Even though I am very organized and plan ahead, normally I do not pack a week before I go to Haiti, but for some reason I packed LAST Friday, yes, a week ahead of time.  Everything but my toothbrush, which is weird because you would think that for the amount I travel, I’d have a toothbrush for traveling (Note to self…)  but alas, there was a reason… In my mind and heart the reason was that I wanted to really take a break this week before I left and enjoy my time.  It has been a crazy three months preparing for my teams and the other teams to go.  It might seem glamorous (HAHAHAHAHA  I crack myself up – it’s about as glamorous as cleaning pig poo) but this job is a lot of work and to tell you the truth, I LOVE IT!!  I wanted to take this week and calm my heart, and wait for all the last minute unexpected things to pop up (and they did) and be able to handle them with the same grace God has shown me.  (For example yesterday I ordered a pediatric blood pressure cuff and thermometer because our donor fell through – thankfully it wasn’t that expensive)

Little did I know… I’d throw out my back super terrible and I wouldn’t have been able to pack at all this week.  Seriously, I could barely walk, how would I have packed?  I am so glad to say that I am doing SOOOO much better, I have a constant dull pain and I am a little crooked but I am doing A LOT better!  

I had to laugh yesterday, I came home from work and I was SOOOOO tired.  I mean like ohmyword I need a nap.  Let me tell you something about me, if you didn’t already know, I am a power napper.  Literally, 15 minutes is like 2 hours to me.  And I can fall asleep the minute I decide to.  If I think to myself “I need to take a nap” I am sleeping before I think nap if that’s what I decide.  Nap on command.  One of God’s greatest gifts to me.  Silly, right?  But completely practical in my life.  So yesterday, I took it as a sign that my body needed to rest, so I slept for 15 minutes.  And I felt so much better.  LOL.  God designed out bodies perfectly, didn’t He?  

So… there are dishes in the sink, and a box of flip flops sitting in the living room (I knew they were coming late – all part of my plan) but I am resting, and feeling better and stronger everyday.

I guess rest isn’t overrated, who would have thunked it?

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