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optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

How my life has been remodeled!

This is one of my favorite pictures from the week. It was on Sunday before it all started... Every mission trip needs a crazy face picture :)

I saw something on facebook or maybe I got an email from Life Remodeled, I am not sure…  It said to tell your Life Remodeled story… but it was in video form.  I don’t do video. I always feel like a complete dork with my phone in front of my face…  I just do… I don’t even like taking selfies by myself…  LOL only with people…  which I guess means it’s not really a selfie…

So I thought I’d tell you my story about Life Remodeled.  There amazing moments during the week of serving with Life Remodeled and moments of exposing my own weaknesses and things I certainly need to work on.  But my journey with Life Remodeled started I think last winter.  I tell you this because I can’t remember the date, but I remember there being snow and ice, which means it actually could have been May (it’s Michigan and Polar Vortex people) HA!  

My friends, the Buckets, all went to see what Life Remodeled was all about and if it was something we wanted to be involved in…  And I was there first because I am a kook about not being late, and as I drove around the neighborhood, I was actually kind of nervous (it was dreary and a little scary) but once I found a place to park I was soooooo excited and was ready to sign up, for what I had no idea, but I was excited. For me, I could feel God’s calling me to this area, for something but I had no idea what.  If you know me, I just go, I would likely jump into a pool not checking for water if I felt that God called me…  After the presentation, we toured Cody High School and of course, I had to pee, because, well I drink too much iced tea… I told my friends to go ahead.  After I took care of business I found myself in the Engineering part of the academy.  The STEM program (I just say the Robotics program) really got my attention!  The team was going to compete at MIS and going camping, and their teacher stated that some of them had never been camping before… And of course… I thought “they have never had a s’more before”…  Kids need food and snacks…  
So… time passes…we served the week in the Cody-Rouge district… my friends and I served all in different capacity… and I fell in love with the neighborhood, maybe it’s because I drove around it so much, met a really cute police officer, handed out candy to lots of children, prayed and prayed and prayed.  

I fell in love with a school that is abandoned, I feel like there is an area where I can plant a community garden… Just praying and following God’s lead to make it happen!

I even prayed about how I should continue to serve with Life Remodeled… and God has just lead me back to the Robotics team and Cody High School and the neighborhood.  

So every month, I try to visit Cody High School and the Robotics team.  I drop off snacks for the students, so that if they have to stay late, or get to school early… they have food in their bellies.  Who can concentrate when you’re hungry?  NOT ME!  I can barely be nice when I’m hungry… So I feel like God is calling me to love these students in such a small way of delivering snacks, bringing Kleenex and classroom needs for their teacher.  

Miss Ernestine and I!   I loved this lady!
Want to change the world? Change it in a small way to those around you, with love. That is attainable! I would love love love to open a community center and I know that it is someday going to happen, but I love serving in small ways for the Glory of God.  That His love will reach those students which is far greater than anything I can do.  

I am not sure what my future of serving holds with Life Remodeled, but I will be eternally thankful for going where God lead them to Cody High School and God calling me to serve with them!  It’s changed my life for the better!  God spoke to me so sweetly during my time with His while I was here.  (I am a little frightened that I may be eventually move into this neighborhood!) 

I would really encourage anyone who thinks they have something that is placed on their heart, no matter how small, to follow through with it!  God put it on your heart for a reason, and every single person matters.  EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.  You can change someone’s life with love!

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