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Friday, November 06, 2015

Love Somebody

I serve in the city of Detroit. I love the city of Detroit. I love the people in Detroit.

 Do you want to help people? Do you feel called to feed people?

 Then serve. Serve with other organizations that are doing it well. Don't try to make 100 sandwiches/snacks and take them out. Find an organization (like All are Worthy of Love) and support them. Many people are doing it right but they can't do it on their own. They need help, and they don't need you to "partner" with them, they need you to SERVE with them.  Adopt a school, ask them what they need. Do they need school supplies, or case of Kleenex, and clorax during cold and flu season. Ask them what THEY need not what you think they need. Maybe they need books to build classroom libraries. Literacy saves lives. I don't know, and the hard part might be that you don't see the instant gratification for your efforts. And also, it might not be Detroit. Maybe it's the city you live in. Kids are starving everywhere. Maybe it's a school in your neighborhood. Maybe it's a widow in your neighborhood who would love it if you brought over tea and cookies. Maybe you and some friends donate boxes of cereal to a school for distribution for the weekends. Warm socks, I love having warm feet, people in shelters or people walking to work are no different.

 I don't know. 

Remember this winter when God called me to do a community garden. I was just going to go out and put one on a lot. I had no clue what I was doing. I met with someone. She said... There must be a community to have a community garden otherwise people will trash it, the food will rot. So I found a place that did one last year that needed help doing one this year. I saw a lot of fruit from it. I talked to people who ate veggies out of it. A lot of people took veggies from it that I never saw, do you know how happy that makes me? You probably can't, and that's because its immeasurable! The community felt like it was theirs, and I LOVE THAT!!

There is a lot more to feeding people than food. Food is the smallest need met, the greatest need... Love. Food is just the one we see.

From the Metro Detroit area and need some ideas?
Joy to the D (Courage Church) or Hope for Detroit - meeting tangible needs for families and Christmas time and all year round. This is my church!

All are Worthy of Love - an organization that is working to stop sex trafficking in the city of Detroit by loving women and helping them get off the streets. The need people to help donate food, money for gas, and I'm sure lots of other stuff

Grace Centers of Hope - located in Pontiac, helping people overcome addiction by the Power Christ. They have temporary shelters, long term programs for men, women, families, and TONS more!

My Brother's Keeper - they provide meals M, T, Th, and Saturday of every week and have food distribution on Wednesdays.

Blessed Hope - a church in Lincoln Park that serves a meal TWO times a day! Lunch and dinner to people In their neighborhood.  They have food distribution and they really love people and let them know they are loved!!!

Want to get involved internationally? Now this I'm not super familiar with but I know some organizations that I trust.

 Poured Out - bring clean water to homes, schools, and areas of Haiti with bio-filters.
 Reach Out - meet the needs of love children in Haiti via the local church. You can sponsor a child for $15/month

 Little Dresses for Africa - built a school in Malawi. Showing children they are loved in many different ways and loving families
4-more - bringing clean water to orphanages in Rwanda (every dollar given gives a child water for a year)

 Isaiah's house in South Africa - loving people and meeting the needs of people in South Africa

 There are tons more!! Tons!!! You can do a one time collection for a family or support monthly. Give until you can't ;)

There is a crisis, people are dying, they need to be loved. I think everyone can do something.  Even $5 at any one of these organizations will help someone. 

Go love someone. Someone that you don't know <3 o:p="">

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