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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Food Deserts & Meijer

I went to the Meijer on 8 mile and Woodward today.  Let me say, I’ve only been there twice and it’s the worst laid out Meijer I’ve ever been to. Seriously, it frustrates me, but let me tell you this, I REJOICE because of that store.

It’s in the middle of the hood.  Well, I think it’s more on the out skirts to tell you the truth.  But do you know what a food dessert is?

You can read about it here
and here

I’ve been to Aldi where party store owners and buying cheap milk, bread, and eggs so they can resell it for 4-6 times what they pay for it. (I want to punch them!!!)  How do we expect families on food stamps who have to feed their children a healthy diet when they have to pay $7 for a gallon of milk? That doesn’t make your food budget stretch very far. It actually angers me.  A Meijer in an area with only a few places to access food makes me soooo happy!  And this Meijer is clean, has a great selection of fruits and veggies, the same sales as my local Meijer.

It makes me so happy when I’m serving somewhere and I forget a pound of butter and one time had to pay $6.99 because there wasn’t anywhere to go!  Now in my “serving area” or at least on my way home to go serve, I can stop at Meijer or Aldi, and even Kroger! 

It’s crazy and silly but it makes me so happy and full of joy to know that people can get access to lower priced food!

Its an answered prayer for so many! 

I’ll get over the “layout” issues!

P.S.  The Aldi in Highland Park is one of my favorites!  (and I’ve been to them ALL over the world!)

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