Passion is a gritty kind of love, tough and

optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Joy - it does come

I stopped in Starbucks this morning, I was tired and needed a little bit of caffeine in the morning.  I saw a lady who had her tag sticking out so I put my hand on her shoulder and said “can I fix your tag for you… and she said “I know you!”.  It was my favorite teacher from LPHS.  It was so great.  I was so thankful to tell her that I was so thankful for her, and that I probably wouldn’t have made it through high school without her. (Teacher friends, you live a life of love and that is the greatest legacy)

I stopped when I got in my car and thought, man, 2016 has been rough so far, busier than I’ve ever been, and let’s face it, I am always busy. 

There have been moments when I wanted to give up, when I just couldn’t take another step.  I mean I’d have to rev myself up, give myself a pep talk, yell at myself “you weren’t made to sit around, you can rest when you’re dead!”  I’d think about some story I read about some swimmer who swam some super long race and gave up when she only had a little while to go but she didn’t see the shore, so she gave up.  I never want to give up that close to shore… so I never give up. 

I always remember “Joy comes in the morning”.  A song that is one of my favorites the lyrics say “As surely as the sun will rise, You'll come to us, Certain as the dawn appears”


with assurance or confidence

In the hardest times in my life, I know that God is faithful.  I know that the sun will rise (and if not I am with Him).  Even in the things I hate, there is something to be learned.  And it’s hard to be teachable when you hate something.  At least it is for me. 

I know that God is faithful, and joy has come, or it’s coming. 

The soccer field is happening

The garden is growing

One house is purchased, and the other is 80% packed (mostly what is left is the stuff we use everyday).

The rest will come.

I drove to Target yesterday (it’s about 1.5 miles from my new house – this is good and dangerous), and I thought man, that (all the mess and frustration) was worth it for THIS RIGHT NOW. 

Things are always going to be crazy in my life, because crazy is as crazy does. 

I’d just like to say it…

I’m happy.

Not just happy, but full of joy, and that is nothing that can take away my joy, even in the hardest of times.




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