Passion is a gritty kind of love, tough and

optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Saturday ramblings after kayaking

These days, the day after labor days were some of my favorites. As a kid with a boat, we had one last Labor Day celebration of camping on our boat with lots of friends. After that it was a race to see how many more days on the water we could get in. I can remember days in October we'd still have or boat in, we'd go to dinner with winter coats on but I'd still be out, wind in my face, holding on to every last moment.  Those were the days of my life. 

As I have the next two weeks off people have said "too bad it wasn't summer", but for me this time has been perfect. Today I went kayaking because yesterday I filled my afternoon with a dear friend. 

I got to the kayak rental place and the lady warned that it was windy... So I was going to make it a short trip. It was gonna be hard work to paddle back if I went the long way... So I went the short way and felt like it wasn't going to be enough for me, so... I decided that I've never shy'd away from hard work and today was no day to start :) so I went further than I've ever gone before. It was so cool! I went places that most people have never been, and best ever I saw things I've never seen before. 

So many sweet lessons came to mind. This blog used to be called "there's a lesson in everything" but has since changed... But I thought of things I was reminded today.

There is beauty in places you've never been before and it's in the details 

Bring your water, you'll be thirsty even if you're not sweating. Our bodies and souls thirst for what they need even when we might not be aware. Keep water and God close, always. 

One thing I noticed in the stream is that where there wasn't much sun there wasn't much growth of seaweed. We grow best where it's Light, and things grow towards the light. What a great reminder to be the light to so many in or lives if we want them to grow.

While I was paddling and paddling... I saw at least two different cranes. One let me get really close (within 10 ft) but the trick was that I had to be quiet. I couldn't be all crazy and loud. Reminded me of relationships and how being loud and crazy doesn't really bring anyone close, it really just drives them away (though I think there is time for loud, crazy, and fun)

I saw the underside of this bridge and noticed how the vines that had grown these had left such an impact and lasting impression in this bridge like the people in our lives, we must choose our friends wisely.

Our trash finds its way into other people's lives. We must clean up our mess and not just try to throw it about because if we don't handle our business, someone else may pay our consequences.

The last two times I went I saw this duck. She was different than most ducks we see. And she was by herself. This was the biggest one for me. God made this duck beautiful. 
Sure she was different, but she was alone. I wondered if she wished she looked like the others... I wondered if she thought she was beautiful, because if I'm gonna be honest right now, most days I don't feel beautiful. I feel like an ugly duckling. It reminded me of the family pictures we got taken. EVERYONE ELSE looked so cute, our photographer did a great job and I felt like I looked... UGLY.  Ugly duckling ugly. People have seen them and said they were cute, and I'm like "they are nice but... Me? Ew" everyone says I looked happy. I was happy, I spent time with my dad, my daughter, and our friend (who was our photographer).  I try to remember  that God made me His masterpiece, and that He makes no mistakes, not in that duck or in me. But on the days when I'm all alone, and I'm lonely (I'm not always lonely when I'm alone) I start to list all the reasons why I'm alone and that's an ugly ugly thing!  I remembered today that God makes no mistakes and His plan for our lives is perfect, even if we aren't perfect.

And stop at your favorite place to write and pray...


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