Passion is a gritty kind of love, tough and

optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Friday, March 31, 2017

My Prayer time with Jesus

The last few months have been challenging on many
levels.  Sometimes I come home and I’m so exhausted from going 100 mph IN CIRCLES!
Going to Uganda and all that came with that was a blessing but a lot of pressure (that I put on myself).  Lots going on, keeping everything on the plate while planning for the garden… and a million other things… I still don’t know what we are serving on April 10th at the soup kitchen and I usually have it planned 3 weeks in advance. (and I'm dying to go to Haiti I'm just waiting for the "go" which may or may not be making me a little nutso)
I’ve spent the last 4 days at 5-6am praying for my church and the city of Detroit.  Each
day has been different, today I had no idea where to start… I’m just talking to God how hard can that be?  BUT I felt like I’ve been asking for the same things for 4 days!  I decided that today I would pray while listening to worship music.  I often hear a song and it reminds me of someone and I pray it over them.    So today I turned on the music and asked God to lead me in prayer. “ Just play what my heart needs Lord, because today I
don’t have the words.”

And near the end, Savior King came on by Hillsong
United though it will always be my favorite sang by Jon Whaley.  (he even has to sing it at my funeral). 
Hope which was lost, now stands renewed

Wow!  I prayed for people who have lost hope, they
are at the end of a very frayed rope, I could almost visualize it, I have been
there, when you’re perfectly healthy and you can’t seem to take the next
step.  It’s awful.  But then God comes out of nowhere, a Savior,
and rescues us and renews our hope!    I
closed my eyes and asked God to show me who needed that prayer!  Who needs hope, their faces were clear.  Some of the faces I knew, and some I've never seen before.
Let now Your church shine as the bride

That you saw in your heart as You offered up Your Life

Let now the lost be welcomed home

By the saved and redeemed, those adopted as Your own

I prayed that Woodside  Detroit, all the campuses would be beacons in their cities for those who need Him, that their love would be so loud, it couldn’t help but be heard and seen!
That because of that love, people would be saved and REDEEMED!   And I prayed for the churches in Detroit that I could think of, that truth would be spoken, that hearts would be
changed, that love would be lived. 

I give my life to honour this

The love of Christ, the Saviour King
I prayed this, for all, that they would give their lives as living gift to the one who gave
tehm life.  That they would honor Him.  That I would honor Him, in all that I do.

I Love you Lord!

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