Passion is a gritty kind of love, tough and

optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Monday, July 31, 2017

Finding the calm in new places

 Whenever I am close to Belle Isle, my first instinct is to want to go kayaking.  I knew it wouldn’t work out Thursday so I planned to kayak on Friday after Woodside Weekends, but then it rained… I thought that’s ok, I will go Saturday, but then my plans changed and I spent some great time with some beautiful ladies and went for a walk on the Island.  I thought “well it’s ok, I am going to be on the Island for the baptism, I will just go after”.  HA! No.  The line was out the door, and I think I would have been in line longer than I would have kayaked.  No thank you.

So…  I decided that I would go for a walk by the light house, grab my bible and my journal because it was soon going to be back to working all day for 5 days and while I love my life, the past 4 days of “vacation” where I only had to work a couple hours every day was nice.  Better get ready because who knows what the next week will bring.  So I walked to this little opening to sit, and there was a woman and a teenage boy, I asked if I could sit there if I promised not to bother them, they were drawing.  They said “of course”.  At first I was just so in awe of the few, my feet were in the water I was journaling and the sound of the waves crashing and the familiar smell of the water was bringing me a ridiculous amount of calm.
I wanted to go in the water.  Even if it was a little chilly. Even if I was wearing my clothes (no bathing suit).  Even if that was not a beach to swim on.  Even if it is out of my character to jump in the water with great abandon in my clothes. 
I remember as a child I couldn’t wait to get in the water.  I didn’t care if it drove everyone nuts.  I just loved the water and I didn’t care if it drove everyone nuts… let me in!

So… I didn’t jump in. I walked in up to my waist.  It was chilly but it felt so good.  It felt good to just relax and not worry about if my car would get wet (I had a towel – ok I had 2), who would care that I walked back to my car soaked, it felt good to just be free, and relaxed, and calm.  It felt good to know that God created the water that surrounded me, and that love I have for water and that I’ve loved it my whole life! 
 I love this new spot. I was able to clear my head and think about things and nothing at all.  I love that it’s peaceful and beautiful. I love the view, the quiet, even the loud crashing of the waves, it seems perfect.  (Now I just need to launch a kayak from there LOL)

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