Passion is a gritty kind of love, tough and

optimistic enthusiasm that overcomes negativity and inconvenience to make it

through to the end. (10,000 Reasons Overflow)

Monday, July 17, 2017

Resting and losing

I knew it was going to happen, sooner or later.  Someone was going to ask me “what have you been up to?” Resting.
And then a weird awkward silence. 

I think they didn’t even know what to say to me.

And then I didn’t know what to say… so I said “I just got back from Africa” and then it seemed to be less awkward.

I’m happy to report that it wasn’t me who seemed to be uncomfortable with the answer. I am loving my peaceful time.  Even though it’s not something that anyone expects from me. 
I have been thinking about all the reasons I never rested before.  Two main reasons.
Fear and Pride.

Who just hit me with a baseball bat? 

I was afraid that if I didn’t do things, whether ministry or for others, maybe people wouldn’t like me.  Maybe they like me because of what I do.  I think of how many times someone said to me “you’re awesome” after I did something for them.  I actually always hated it. Because sometimes I served within my gifts, but sometimes, I just wanted to be liked.  That is plain awful.  I do because of who I am. The gifts God has given me, but I “did” at a price.
And why? Because all my life, someone felt sorry for me. Didn’t have a mom. Then I was a single mom.  I hated it, I wanted to be more than those things, but if I was going to be a single mom, I was going to be the best single mom, I was going to rise above my circumstances.  At any price.  And I have paid a price over the years.

I think that I’m not the only one who is fearful.  Sometimes people are afraid they won’t do a good job or maybe they aren’t doing what God asked them to do or maybe they are doing something God doesn’t want them to do it. It’s a crazy circle, right?  Or how about we have to make a decision, and it’s a big one.  But no matter the decision, something is going to change, and sometimes we just like knowing. But that’s not Trusting God.  Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.
So as I find myself in this weird season, I am loving it.  I am learning and hearing over and over again, that yes, I have gifts to give, but the best gift I have is my heart.  God made it perfectly.  All I have to do is live in that love.  No fear.  I heard a song today that said we need to love like we never had a broken heart.  And that’s how I intend to love, like I have nothing to lose.  Because not loving, that’s the biggest loss I could ever have. 

1 Cor 13:1-3

1If I speak in the tongues[a] of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast,[b] but do not have love, I gain nothing.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Roma Cafe

Two iced teas

Defending Alex when someone wasn’t nice

I expect you to do better

I know you’re sweet enough, but how about dessert?

With a foundation like that you can’t  go wrong

Million dollar baby

We will make you whatever you want

Meeting Kurt Maltby


“you can’t get chicken nuggets there, you can get spaghetti” (Phyllis telling her friends)

100 cherries in the bottom of a glass of pepsi

The best salad ever!

Do you have a place?  Like that place where everyone knows you and you feel like you’re loved when you walk in the door?
It was more than just delicious food for us, though the food was delicious.  It was the place we celebrated everything.  Birthdays, graduations, mission trips, putting in bathroom sinks.  It’s the place I took my friends, my co-workers. 

It was our go to place. Roma Café.

We literally have 100s of memories there. 
Rarely did I go on a Tuesday because my waiter, my very favorite waiter, who became someone I loved and cared about, wasn’t there on Tuesdays.  No one makes a salad like Sammy. No one.
I can’t even explain how a building, became a place that felt like home, but I guess after 20 years and countless celebrations, places filled with people you care about, it just happens.  I’ve prayed for the people who became friends over the years.  I’ve prayed for the business. 

I’ve sat across the table from friends and even been told by people who love me, “that guy is a jerk, you shouldn’t date him” HA! 
I am so thankful that on the way to my Africa trip, we stopped there for lunch one last time, even though we didn’t know it was going to be the last time. 

I’m so thankful and so sad, I don’t even know how to explain it, I wish I had one more time, to hug them, to tell them all how much they mean to me, how happy I am for the next chapter in their lives, and how thankful I am that they have written stories on the pages of our lives.
Thank you Roma Café!

Love and Pasta!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Relaxing leads to peace and I'm loving it

As I pulled out of Target following getting my nails done, I found myself with a rumbly in my tumbly as Winnie The Pooh would say.  I have been working on resting and quiet and peace.  I’ve been clearing my calender and taking care of me and my house. 
I had decided earlier in the week that I would not be getting “fast” food any longer and wouldn’t rush into a meal.  I'm moving from the fast paced life to a much slower pace.  This includes eating.  This new habit has a lot of deprogramming to do in my daily life.  This seems like a great idea until you’re driving in youre car and you’re hungry.  This has happened to me a couple times since I made the decision.  At this point, I was about a half hour from home, and there is no reason why I couldn’t wait until I got home.   So I did : )  I felt like a champion who won the first round of a fight there is no way they can lose.

I was working around the yard this morning and I noticed something.  I did one thing. I worked on the yard. I focused on… working on the yard.  I thought about the yard…  I worked on one thing… it was weird.
At one point I noticed a beautiful sound. The sound of nothing.  Not a million thoughts going around in my head. It was a sound that was strange for me.   Usually thoughts spiral in my head like a tornado and I pull them out each as I need them.  Some days it seems like I’m gonna implode.  Today, I stopped and listened, took a deep breath and thought “so this is what peace in the every day feels like”.

I never realized how this felt.  It’s great! 
I don’t regret all I’ve done and accomplished but I am looking forward to a life of focus on people not accomplishing, relationship over long lists followed by check marks.  I am looking forward to taking good care of the life that God has entrusted me with, I am looking forward to loving people well, every day, at a much slower pace.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Picture from here
I have been asking God to restore what is broken in my life.  It has been crazy the things He is bringing to the light that I’ve never really talked about.  It hasn’t been easy but I’ve been open and honest about what has happened and what He is doing.

When I went to Uganda God really laid on my heart to talk about some things that I just never really talked about.  It was hard and freeing at the same time.

When I was younger I was sexually assaulted, I will not go in to all the detail of that mess, but it was something that I buried really deep because I was told no one would believe me anyway.  A few years ago, it came to the light, and I talked about it and received healing from it. It wasn’t easy or pretty but like all things hard and ugly, it was worth it.
Just 3 days I talked about restoration at the Soup Kitchen and how God can restore the things in our lives that someone has taken from us.  I talked about how in 2 Cor 13 Paul says “I’m coming to you for the third time” and I laughed because God often needs to tell me things over and over again.  2, 3, or even 100 times.  I talked about how in Eph 2:10 NLT it says God says we are His masterpiece, and no one can take that away from us. 

The thing about restoration is that the original item is worn down, and sometimes broken, but when it is restored, it is fully functional, and sometimes with a different purpose, and it’s beautiful!

Just yesterday I went out on a date with someone and they literally reached across and grabbed my breast and I was shocked and appalled.  Needless to say I got myself out of that situation, quickly at that.  I am not sure at what point in society we have made it seem ok, that it is ok to have a complete lack of self-control, but it is not.

Two years ago, even though uncomfortable, I might have laughed that off if it happened to me, I might have stayed in that situation because I felt sick and had a lack of self worth, and clearly, I did not feel like any masterpiece, let along HIS masterpiece.

I’d really like to encourage anyone that if you are stuck, ask God, beg Him, whatever it takes, for restoration in the broken parts of your life!  It might seem like the pain to fix the issue is unbearable, but I think what’s worse is the pain of staying broken. 

Don’t stay captive to hurt that holds you when YOU have COMPLETE access to the healing that will free you!

John 8:36  So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

Monday, July 10, 2017


I saw this tree. 

Do you remember back in the day when Barbara Walters asked Katherine Hepburn the very pressing question "if you were a tree what kind of tree would you be?"

Oh am I dating myself? Oh well, this side of the daisies is a good one. 

I feel like this tree.  
From one side it might look just fine, maybe it looks a little uneven but it looks fine. If you know me, and know me well, you'd take the time to walk around and see this really broken part. 

God is speaking to me, and I hear it.  And better than that I'm listening. 

This tree is beautiful.  You look at it and don't you just want to snuggle up under that tree? It's beautiful. It looks lush and looks as if it's fulfilling it's purpose. 

It is a dream of mine to sit under a tree and read a book.  Just relax.

The truth is I FEEL like this tree.  Like half of me can't get it together.  I can't remember a day that I haven't been in some kind of pain.  My knee almost always hurts, my hips pull and hurt EVERY day, and walking is hard, sitting is hard, it's all hard, but I never stop going, because I have convinced myself that I need to.  What will happen if I don't keep going?  So I do. The pain in my body has seeped into my heart.  It's painful some days.  Again, I have convinced myself that I must keep going, I must be there for everyone.  But I have drained myself.

In order to get a tree (and myself) the broken parts must be removed.  On a tree it's easy to see, in my heart, it's not that easy. But I will do the work to remove the broken pieces, God has equipped me with a tool belt so that I can do the work to get where I need to be.  And I will.

It means I will clear my calendar, and I will take the time to rest and do the work I need to do to be healthy. 

I can't wait to sit under that tree when we are both completely healthy.

Psalm 41:3 The Lord sustains them on their sickbed and restores them from their bed of illness.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Heart Changing

I'm in a weird place right now. I'm trying to scale back, slow down, and discover.
I love my life but it needs to slow down. It needs to be less.
When I found myself pregnant at 19 there were many thoughts in my head and heart and after years and years of people feeling sorry for me because I didn't have a mom, no one was going to say "oh poor margie look what happened to her" and so I decided I was going to do it all, be it all, and no one was going to stop me.
I created, by the grace of God, a great life, but at 44 I've found myself tired and feel like there are broken parts of my life that are in desperate need of restoration.  So I'm working in clearing my calendar, and by working on it, I mean I will. It doesn't mean I will schedule more "meaningful" events, it means I won't schedule things in those days. 
I saw this verse today, psalm 63:3 
“Your unfailing love is better than life itself; how I praise you!”  Psalms 63:3 NLT
God's love is unfailing, and it is better than life, there is nothing I can do or have that compares to it. I will live my life for Him but  it will not be an insane schedule or because I'm worried about what people will think or if they will like me, it will be for Him, and Him alone.  I will do my best to remember that the life I create for myself will never be better than being in His presence, and living the life that He created for me.
This certainly won't be easy untraining my brain and heart but it will be worth it. 
Picture  from here

Friday, July 07, 2017

It's almost done!

I’ve visited this “lot” more times than I could even tell you.  I’ve had days when the world seemed just too big and I’d visit it.  When life seemed too much and that there is something that needs to be done in the world, I’d visit and pray and dream and hear the sound of children’s laughter at this space.
Today as the volunteers left and I looked at the lot that is now a park, I just am in awe that God would choose me to serve on this project.  This project has humbled me, made me feel so small in the world, and yet like my life matters at the same time, like somehow I wasn’t a mistake. 
I love this project, all that it has become, even though my place in it was small.  I showed up with water, washed gloves, raised some money, but others did way more than me, but I am so happy to be a part of this!  I even helped put in the sprinkler system.  Mostly I prayed about this project.  I prayed when pulling the original weeds, prayed walking around it, I’ve prayed for those working on it, and prayed for those who will use it.  I’ve prayed for the community around it. 
I’m so thankful for my friends who have helped, traveled, lead projects, pulled weeds, knocked down trees, prayed, worshipped with me, prayed with me, it’s been an amazing journey and a stretch in my faith. 
I’m thankful that I will have a place to come pray, to hear the giggles that I once imagined.  That kids will have a place to play, and grow, and dream.  

Monday, July 03, 2017

I'll be resting


It doesn't sound great does it?

What gets accomplished when we rest?


I am conditioned to move forward, get things done. "What have you been up to?" People ask. I want a good answer. 

What am I supposed to say? "Nothing, I'm resting" 

Yeah that seems dumb.

The truth is that I'm exhausted.

I can't be "on" anymore. I can't pretend to be peaceful when my insides are a mess, my crazy leaks out. My anxiety flares. I feel terrible and want to fight, all the time, and almost everyone.

I want to cry but I can't because I'm afraid I'll never stop, and I don't even know what I'd cry about. Life is good. And... I'm afraid to laugh too hard because I might start crying. How the heck do I explain that?

I'm back from Uganda thinking I was going to have clear direction of what is next.

A couple of people have said "maybe it's time for rest" 

And I think I already knew that, I just didn't want to do it. 

A couple years ago I took a rest. Which meant that I did rest but I still served, I was  closely listening to the Spirit and followed the lead of Him of where to serve. Nothing was overwhelming. It was glorious, and joy full and no serving was done out of obligation or guilt. I actually said "no" a lot. But even as great it was, it was still so hard.

Being busy is who I am, getting things accomplished is my gig. It's my sweet spot.

So I'm resting, whatever that looks like in this season.

I'm hoping to be quiet and listen.

I'd be lying if I said I was looking forward to it or that I'm not nervous. 

So if you find me and I look dead, don't worry, I'm just resting.

Or I might be having the time of my life ❤️

Thursday, June 29, 2017

My thoughts

I find myself in a place that is uncomfortable for me. And I don't like it.

I'm saddened by many things I've seen in my life and yet I see God's beauty and miracles and they all seem so intertwined. 

When my friend Jon had cancer, he told me that the tumors were wrapped around his pancreas. Something so vile wrapped around an organ. I didn't get it then either.

I want to shake my fist in anger and be mad at God but I know of His greatness. I remember the smiles On beautiful faces and I remember their hunger.  How does one reconcile that? My heart will never be the same. 

Today I walked into my favorite place (Yazmeen) to pick up lunch for my favorites. The smiles of people that I talk to and care about (you know me it's crazy but true), I feel so blessed, so undeservedly blessed to be in this time in this place.  

I see others (and do it  myself) complaining about the dumbest first world problems), I spend too much money. I live here not there, God has provided for me and placed me here but what should I do with it? And what about everyone else? 

My heart cant really take all this.  And I feel like a crazy (or crazier).

I feel so thankful and so broken. How do I reconcile all of that? And that's just the surface... 

Monday, June 26, 2017

Feeling... better

I decided to get back to the land of the living yesterday afternoon. 

I thinned out my closets and it felt good. We spent the afternoon poolside with family, talking about Uganda and thankfully talking about anything but Uganda. 

Today it was work back to normal, a really long day eating lunch at my desk (which is normal), conference calls on my way home and even one while I made dinner.  After I made a really amazing dinner (for real, it was really great) we straightened the garage, had a little bonfire to get rid of some of the small twigs that were in a box in the garage, then filled my bike tires and took a spin around the neighborhood. And then a little while later we took Cookie for a walk. 

As I sit on my porch feeling like I am able to breathe again, I realized how good it was for me to write some things out that I was stuffing. 

I'm thankful. 

I'm thankful for people who reached out to me, who didn't make me talk if I didn't want to or couldn't. 

Sometimes it's all just too much for this girl. I just need real life.

Thanks for your prayers and your love, it's carrying me through. 

Sunday, June 25, 2017


I have never gone on a mission trip and felt  like i made less of an impact. 

I dont feel like God has done some miraculous work in or through me. 

It's so weird.

I saw miracles, but I see miracles every day, my heart is open to them. I know the power of God and His majesty. We preached the Gospel, we fed people, we clothed them, loved them. And yet I sit here wondering... 

the words are spinning in my head, I don't even have them to express. I'm trying to move on but I can't. 

I feel...


Maybe I'm not supposed to FEEL like i made some kind of impact. Maybe I'm just supposed to trust God that He called me to the trip, I did as He instructed, and that should be good enough.

I don't know what to take from what I've seen and use it in my every day life.  It's confusing and odd to me.  And to be perfectly honest, I hate it. 

I had been praying that God reveal to me what direction He wants me to go. And I still have no idea. It's frustrating and I'm not good at waiting. 

I feel like this is a terrible repeat of what happened when adam and katie left.  I'm keeping my heart open to hear. 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

His provision

I always learn a lot of lessons when I go on these trips.  I know that when I am there I do good, I hope that in the moments when I am there I am used by God.  I also know that God shows up and writes lessons on my heart.
We went to a refugee camp one of the days we were in Uganda. We took what was left of the dresses, skirts, shorts, and Sani panties.

I looked at the amount of kids, I looked at the amount of items we had, and I thought this is never going to work. There isn't enough. Now if you know me, you know I was panicking. We need more. Instead of worrying about it, I prayed with the team that was with me. "The moon team" (a story for another blog). "God You know I'm freaking out, please let there be enough for all the children who are here, please make fishes and loaves of these clothes".

There was 174 dresses/skirts, 87 shorts, and a ton of Sani panties. 

Not every child was sent in, but the line never seemed to end. All the girls that were 9 and above got Sani panties AND a skirt (which was not my plan- my plan was only Sani panties).

Somehow when we left, there were leftovers. Not just one or two but piles of left over clothes. In my minds eye I could not figure out how that could happen. But i know I prayed! And I know God answered. 

His provision is enough.

It's more than enough.

Monday, June 19, 2017


Today is our last full day in Uganda. We fly out tomorrow night. 

I'm exhausted, and we are going to safari today yet part of me wishes we had one more day of ministry. I am sure I could do it but I'm glad to have a rest day.

I still don't know what's next. I thought in coming here I'd get some grand answer instead I leave with more questions than I came with. Great.

Part of the issue is that really the only down time I had was in the bathroom or sleeping, and that's the way it goes on mission, especially overseas mission trips, we are here for such a short time, it has to be impactful.

We opened a lot of doors for the amazing church we worked with. They were invited back into schools and prisons, to know that our mission will live on long after we are gone makes my heart happy.

As we prepare to leave it is setting in for others on the team the magnitude of this trip, and I'm praying specifically that this week springboards them forward into serving. “So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.”  James 2:17 ESV

I'm so thankful that I was here this week, I'm glad I was able to use my weird organizational skills to keep things running a little more smoothly. I'm thankful that I've been able to love others as they love. 

I will be home soon and as I take some time I pray that God moves me forward, that God speaks to what is next.  One thing I'm sure of, it will be great and full of Him!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Home soon

Yesterday was our last day of "mission" today we are going to church and I'm excited! I love church. 

As our days wind down to go home (which 16 hours on a plane does not sound fun! And it won't be) people start to talk about what they are looking forward to when they go home.

I have arranged to have an iced tea in the fridge when I get home and my niece is making me my favorite donuts. But besides the bathtub there no "thing" im looking forward to. I'd love to cook a meal, but all I'm really looking forward to is hugging people I love. 

Mission trips make me remember what's important. It's not my fancy car or any one thing I possess, I can actually see why people sell their possessions and give to the poor, because things don't matter.

People are important. I'm looking forward to working in the city, loving people, loving those in my community.

I'll cry a million tears I'm sure, because I've cried a million but I know that I've got lots bottled up.

What am I most looking forward to?

The people I love most!

Be prepared to be hugged. Hard.

Friday, June 16, 2017

The beautiful children of Uganda

The next few days are going to be difficult. 

Yesterday we went into the prisons and we met street kids. 

It is going to be hard for me to get out of my thoughts. I have seen things I can never un-see. I know and understand the magnitude of it all.

I know I can't save all the people of Uganda but I also know that I am not called to do nothing. I often wish that I didn't have such a burden for injustice and need. I often wish that I wasn't so serious and that this was a box I check off. I'm not a Christian and I need to go on a mission trip. It is not that way for me. God calls me to do this work, even for just a week, and the honor and magnitude of caring for people is not lost on me. 

My eyes looked into the eyes of those boys yesterday that were dirty, and had ripped clothing and were hungry. A young boy looked up at the pastor and had a sad face and rubbed his belly. He was hungry. He was fed, but this cycle will start over. The boys were so beautiful yet, their was a hunger, a need, in their eyes. 

We met boys who have been rescued from the streets. Their lives are transformed. They are clean and fed and in a loving home and getting schooling. I looked in their eyes and I saw peace. There is barely enough food for them, but they eat and they share what they have. They are loved by a beautiful couple that takes care of 55 boys. They get used instruments donated and they teach them music, it helps in the transformation. 

I wish there was a switch that I could flip and just laugh and move on in my life but God didn't create me like that. I know what it is like to go hungry for a short while, but I can't imagine a life of that.

I didn't take pictures of these children because to me they are not objects to be looked upon and felt sorry for, they deserve to be respected but their lives are etched in my heart forever. 

I've seen some very hard things in my life. But those street kids, their lives, they matter to God and something must be done. 

Sending love from Uganda.

(I'll tell you about the prison ministry later, that also wrecked me). 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

It's Friday and my heart is changed

Thinking and processing yesterday. There are no words.

There are so many needs and yet such joy!

There were 1000 people yesterday that we encountered in the camp and yet the total in that are was 100,000. What does that even look like??? I can imagine it. 

As an American I feel so blessed and yet so helpless.

My heart could break in a million pieces. And normally I'd cry for hours, but yesterday I chose to look at the greatness of God.

I choose to see their beautiful faces and the needs He did meet. 

I can't completely comprehend the greatness of God and His mighty power and I know He is good. I wonder why He has chosen to do the things He has done or why He hasn't brought rain. It's all a mystery to me.

My heart is exploding and not sure what to do with it all. I'm on mission and there isn't time to process it all. This has been a short week filled with very long days and I'm thankful for every single minute of it!

And it sure puts into perspective the things that I complain about at home!

Sending love!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Speaking in Uganda

When I was 16 months old my mom died.  I was raised by my father, who did a good job raising me, he always provided for us, it was not always easy.  My dad is a good, good man, but in all my life I can never remember my dad saying I was valuable or beautiful.  These are words that a girl needs to hear form her father, and even though I never heard those words, I knew my father loved me. 
As I grew older I looked for attention from boys, I looked for love and acceptance in all the wrong places.  At 19 I found myself pregnant, by the point I found out, I had left the father because he did drugs.  I wasn’t going to keep my baby- I didn’t want to be a single mom. But I decided to.  I did my best to take care of her, sometimes I had 3 or 4 jobs, and went to college.  We attended church when I wasn’t working because I wanted my daughter to have a relationship with God, I thought it was too late for me but I hoped she would.

I lived a life that everyone thought I had it together, I dated the best looking guys, I was a single mom that owned her own home, nice car, great job.  But really people didn’t know the shame I carried.
I had always believed there was a God in heaven, but I had never experienced His grace.
Then one day some friends asked my daughter and I to go to church with them.  I remember the songs we sang, that my heart busted wide open!  “I could sing of your love Forever”, Draw Me close to you, and come, now is the time to worship!  And I wanted that! I wanted to sing of God’s love forever.  I cried and cried and cried.  I loved Jesus! I knew that He died for me and my sins! And I knew that He was my Lord and Savior that day!

As I grew to love Jesus, I longed to read His word, to hear all that He was saying to me. I’d go to bible studies to learn more, I memorized scripture. There was always something that held me back though.  Even though I knew I was His, I still was held in bondage of never being good enough or sometimes being too much.  And then one day when I was helping at Youth Group, our Pastor talked about how we were God’s masterpiece.
Eph 2:10 NLT For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.

At that moment, I realized that God made me, He had plans for my life!  He made me new in Christ, and I wasn’t too much of something or not enough of others, I was created by Him for Him!  It was a freedom I had never felt before.  There are moments when I get insecure and when I feel like that I read His word. I remember that He loves me, and made me just the way I am supposed to be.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Preparation Study!

I decided at some point that I was going to read about who God is to prepare for my trip.  I looked up a reading plan on the Bible app and was very pleased with the study I found. 

Here are the names and definitions and the verse locations of what I studied, enjoy!  You can find the link here:

      1.        Jehovah El Emeth – God of Truth Psalms 31:5

2.       Jehovah El Gemuwal  - God of recompense Jer 51:56

3.       Jehovah Elohim Tsaba – God of Hosts Psalms 59:5

4.       Jehovah Elohim Yeshua – God of my Salvation Psalm 88:1

5.       Elohei Chasdi –God of my kindness, goodness, and faithfulness Psalm 59:17

6.       Elohim Bashamayim – God in Heaven Josh 2:11

7.       El Bethel  - God of the House of God Gen 35:7

8.       Jehovah Jireh The Lord will provide Psalms 59:10

9.       El Elohe Yisrael The mighty god of Israel Gen 33:20

10.   El Emuhah The Faithful God Duet 7:9

11.   Elohei Tehillati God of Praise Psalms 109:1

12.   El Hakabodh – The God of Glory Psalms 29:3

13.   Elohim Chayim – The living God Josh 3:10

14.   El Hayyay – God of my life Psalms 42:8

15.   Elohim Kedoshim – Holy God Josh 24:19

16.   Elohei Ma’uzzi – God of my strength 2 Sam 22:33

17.   Elohim Machase Lanu – God of our refuge Psalms 62:8

18.   Ben Elohim – the Son of God Matthew 16:16

19.   Elohenu Olam – Our Everlasting God Psalms 48:14

20.   Elohim Ozer Li – God my helper Psalm 54:4

21.   El Rai – God seest me Gen 16:13

22.   El Sali – God, my rock 2 Sam 22:47

23.   El Shaddai – Almighty God Gen 17:1

24.   Elohim – The plural of El, referring to the One true Creator God, Divine, Deity Gen 1:1-2

25.   Jehovah – Lord, master, relational God Gen 2:4

26.   Jehovah El Elohim – The Lord God of Gods, the Lord, mighty, powerful, strong, One overall Josh 22:22

27.   Jehovah Elohim Ab – The Lord God of your forefathers Josh 18:3

28.   Jehovah El Elyon The Lord, the Most High God Gen 14:22

29.   Eli Maelekhi – God my King Psalms 68:24

30.   El Simchath Gili –God my exceeding Joy Psalms 43:4